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And So Traffic on Squidoo Is Still Doing Well? Hm...

Although banned from the official forums, I still login into them each day and read the very few (1 or 2) "fresh" threads that raise pompons to Squidoo's new policies. So from what I could read it seems that traffic's rising and that everything's gonna be alright.

Let me doubt of it. Don't try to fool me, please. Don't fool other old timers, they're not fools and most don't believe in your numbers unless they write in a niche that has a low competition rate and a niche that requires specific skills - I often refer to arts... but indeed, not everybody can write in this niche and it definitely needs expertise and high skills.

So traffic's rising... Hm... I'm going to share a few stats with you.


Moving Lenses out of Squidoo | Part 3

So now you subscribed to your new webhost, got a domain name and made a decision on the CMS you're going to use. Time has come to choose a template to work on. WordPress and Concrete 5 come with default templates, this helps webmasters save time searching for templates on the Internet. The most skilled of us will adapt the default templates to their own tastes. The others will use these pre-installed templates the way they are supplied. Another part of webmasters will just use templates they found else where whether for free or for a fee.

What's the best option when it comes to templates: free or not?


Moving Squidoo Lenses | Part 2

Here we go for more information on how and where moving our locked/deleted/no traffic/no sales/not performing Squidoo lenses. So now that we have chosen a webhost (as said earlier, I recommend HostMonster as it's the greatest webhost I've ever subscribed to) and a domain name, we can go further on our new online endeavours. 

Next stop is choosing the platform or the type of website that we're going to put our content on. There are many different options - although I haven't tried all of them - some are easy, some are less easy, some are for developers or Internet savvy only. It all depends on your own knowledge.


How and Where Moving Squidoo Lenses

You might want to move your Squidoo lenses in case their traffic dropped too much and are unsure as to whether traffic will recover one day or another. You may want to move them in case they've been locked and then deleted by HQ. You may want to move your lenses off of Squidoo if they don't meet their policy requirements any more. There are a lot of reasons for you to want to move your lenses out of Squidoo.

However because you're familiar and comfortable with Web 2.0 platforms, you're reluctant doing so and not sure how the moved lenses are going to perform else where.


Squidoo Traffic and Sales Still Dropping Like Stones

It's the very first time I experience such a drop in traffic and sales since my first day on Squidoo. In the beginning, I didn't pay real attention to traffic and even less to sales since I joined back in 2007 to provide my own self-hosted websites with some social traffic - Squidoo was primarily meant to provide curated info pointing to OTHER sites and wasn't meant to become a content site itself.


New Group Added to Subdomain Test

And the show still goes on! Now HQ is going to add a new group to the silly subdomain test. One month and a half before Halloween! Needless to say that they could just shoot at us once for all if they want us to never recover from all their tests and blind measures that negatively impacted most of us!

Now we're going to be placed in subdomain test. Yeah! Good... My username is one that I don't use any more - I haven't used it in years ! How could anyone recognize my account if they switch it into ""? Nobody will even know who I am - not to mention that my niches aren't related to the username either.


Not Happy on Squidoo? Pack and Leave, Then!

If you're not happy, pack and leave! The title of this post pretty sums up Squidoo HQ's message to those that aren't happy with all the changes, the double standards, groups that open here and there to praise HQ's decisions and aggressively post about those that don't understand why their hard work was deleted without warning, and so on...

So, if we're not happy we can pack and leave... Makes me think to Dion and the Belmont's song "Little Diane"... 

"I wanta pack and leave and slap your face
Bad girls like you are a disgrace..."

However, the song wouldn't fit the one that tells us to leave and we aren't bad at all even though Squidoo doesn't like us any more and despite the general message that's been sent these past months.


New Amazon Link Limit Filter In Action!

Squidoo has rolled the new Amazon link limit filter out! I woke up yesterday with 30 flagged lenses! On a general number of 166 lenses, it didn't look too scary.

I thus started modifying my lenses to comply the new Amazon link limit policy. To say the truth it's hard to remove most of my Amazon links since these lenses were series of product focused. Keeping your links to 1 or 2 is easy if your lens relates to ONE product. Keeping your links to 1 or 2 is easy if your lens is a personal one. But keeping your links to less than 20 when you list the most beautiful Christmas ornaments for a tree or the best gifts to get a wine lover, is harder. Then when you made a top 100 products it's definitely impossible !