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A short update on "lenslets"

I've been absent for a while and didn't post. Mostly because the 3G connection wasn't the best where I was and also because I found myself very happy doing nothing else but running here and there to create my partner's company.

Weather was quite hot in the day, the late afternoons and evenings were fresh but I could stay outside dressed in short sleeved dresses or t-shirts and from time to time had a sweather to keep me warm - we've had three cold evenings. It even rained one night ;)

All in all my stay was pleasant, as usual, too short as usual and now I'm quite blue, hoping to get back to the South as soon as possible. This time I'll get a good connection pack as I plan to change my local provider and get Internet Everywhere type of pack that would allow me to only pay when I stay in this area and not when I'm back home. Unless I settle there for good it'll be my Internet option.

OK so now let's get where the topic of this post is supposed to lead us : the famous "lenslets" or "product review lenses" - I won't talk about the recipe or how-to ones since I didn't use them yet.

I built a lenslet before going abroad last month and didn't really like that kind of lens. It's too short, too few opportunities to display a wide array of complementary accessories, the background feature is too standard - no size or tile or any kind of option - the lenslet doesn't look nice, the featured picture is too big, the "buy" button's also too big. All in all, I dislike these formats, period.

However I gave it a try and must say that I'm quite surprised with the traffic. It actually went from 2 views/day to 1 per day in one month and a half. Wow ! What a surprise ! Beautiful !

I really wonder how good other lensmasters do with these lenses. Apart from some who work on some definite niches that are highly popular, I mean... But in my case how can I review topic X when I'm not interested or have never seen an episode or listened to one of that band's tunes ? I haven't read English written books, I haven't bought anything on Amazon USA... I'm not a big shopper although there are a lot of things I'd like to own, especially now that I have to homes. However, the second house is located in a country where Amazon US isn't known at all and where I won't find things that attract the American public.

Naturally this lenslet is going to be deleted in a few days and rewritten before going to be hosted by one of my sites. Some rewritten lenses that used to make no sales on Squidoo have brought me some commissions from Amazon once hosted on my sites. So why wouldn't this lenslet do the same?

As for my overall Squidoo account, it's now making a few sales here and there but not as many as last year. I really wonder if Christmas is going to be cancelled this year :(

I'll keep you updated on how traffic is going to be by the end of year. But if by the end of March, my stats don't show an increase or a sign that things are going to get better, chances are that, apart from my Valentine, Halloween and Christmas lenses, all others are going to be deleted and moved else where where they'll go get some more traffic and make more sales than on Squidoo.

That is where I don't think it's only a Google matter: Squidoo also has a problem... otherwise my deleted lenses wouldn't attract buyers since they didn't attract them on Squidoo.

Posted by Squidoo lensmaster Prosperity66