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Squidoo Traffic Not Exctiting These Days

I'm almost gone. In a few hours I'll be flying to my partner's country where I'm going to spend a few weeks. It's a sunny area. However, it may be one of the last times I can get to there since my Squidoo traffic dropped like a stone along with matching earnings. 

If you have read my previous post you know that I had to change my lenses primary keywords so as to match the lens topics and not the default Squidoo categories in which my lenses are listed. This hurt my lenses bad since for a few days I've got next to nothing in terms of traffic.

Now they seem to get some visits once again and miracle! one that looked lost for good gets more views than before. It is probably a matter of time to see traffic increasing once again. Hm... Not sure as I just checked Squidoo's traffic stats on Quantcast and, once again, Squidoo's overall traffic is dropping. On 26th May there was a traffic peak. Since then traffic decreased and it is now more or less the same as on 30th April. 

I hope that numbers will be higher when I'll get back from my break abroad.

Nothing to write a novel about as you can see.

Well HQ took measures that hurt the site, that is a fact. And even while some lensmasters consider those decisions and the algorithm changes as good for the site, for the writers and for our reputation, I will not agree.

Setting the filters' standards too high will keep the site from keeping its best authors as, I'm afraid to say that most of their best assets have already left the site and I don't expect none of the new ones (big voices or not) to be able to keep the site's standards as high as they once were.

Where have all they gone? Else where, most of the time on their own domain name where their work is respected and preserved as it deserves.

There are some lensmasters who stayed but didn't take the time nor have the pleasure of updating their lenses. I just checked on of them earlier today. The account is still there, no update in a year. The niche was taken over by a new lensmaster who does not write 1% as good as the other one. But the great lensmaster's lenses aren't featured on the site any more. Though they are excellent pieces of work.

Let's not blame Squidoo for the traffic loss, though. But Google has also its fair share of responsibility in this mess. Problem is that as long as people will use Google as search engine, things won't change and the company will keep thinking they are the Internet's owner.

Since I don't play that kind of silly and unfair game, I recently filed a negative feedback for the bad results in searches I ran. Now each time I don't get the result I look for, I file a feedback. You can find the link at the bottom of result pages.

This comes in very handy as a way to let them know they're wrong. 

Not long ago while searching for "where to find a black hat...", I was returned black cat and black cab or so results. All gay related. Since I'm not gay and wouldn't be searching for gay stuff, I thought it was a really really bad joke. Makes Google look like jerks. Ok  did it as a joke but the results were there.

Anyways, while looking for a studio for rent, I only get "all inclusive hotels" as returned results. What was I looking for? Oh yes, a studio for rent... So I search now mostly on Bing. The page results look like Google's but the results are good.

Well that was my rant for the day. I wish you some quiet, peaceful and happy weeks. I'll be back soon!


OMG! I just realize that last week when I tried to update Best vacation lens the system pretended it had too much duplicate content. Today it is spam words.

So what are the filters up to? Are they properly set up? Are they even working? Not sure...

Posted by Holly Day