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A Gift Turns A Boring Day into a Holiday

spin rewriter 4.0
Home alone, because of child gone on holidays without Mom, I woke up bored. What am I going to do today? Since the Google disaster that hit my Squidoo account and my sites later on, I am not really enjoying my online job. There are days that I just write one article or do a little promotion through social medias. Though I was very active before mid-2013.

A little gift turns my day into something joyful

Actually I have plans for another type of business model but the company I founded with a business partner faces some problems due to the associate having done some things the wrong way. She wanted to do everything because she's accustomed to found companies, but she got it all wrong this time. 

OK. So I am waiting for the bank issues to be fixed and then we'll be able to start working - right on time for Halloween. This means that I won't be able to focus on creating lots of related pages. We will surely have to overlook Christmas as well; which is not something that would make me smile either.

Sun is shining today and I have lots of gardening to do. Sadly my back and legs are hurting too bad and I can't move at all. Therefore I spend the day inside the house - I could cry sitting outside doing nothing but looking at my garden desperately needing me.

So I got bored from the very beginning of the day. And thought that nothing would change that. Until...

You know, I have that article rewriter software I like so much. However, with the bad humor I woke up today, I did not even think about writing anything and even less rewriting the smallest sentence. Though I read my emails... replied to those sent by friends and deleted the promotional ones.

And then I saw that one with its "goodie" title. Oh what is that? Another thing that I have to subscribe to in order to get the goodie? You know how it works, you are offered something you would want but have to subscribe to someone else's list in order to get your hands on it. Because you are not really interested in what the provider promotes, you unsubscribe quickly or... like me, you forget about it and just increase the size of those emails you'll never read.

What is that gift sent to me for free...

Still I opened and read the email and... clicked on the link provided and oh my... what a nice gift! NO need to subscribe, just watch the video and download the present. Now that is unusual...

Independence Day gift? Nope since today is only the 3rd of July. Free gift, because the rewriter software owner is a nice man and from time to time comes up with gifts that make his subscribers very happy. Indeed, I rarely have to subscribe to anything in order to get his presents but as said earlier, I was completely bored. To say the truth, I could not even link the sender's name to the software.

Once I clicked on the link and discovered the present, I went from bored to glad and when I watched the video and downloaded the gift, I went from glad to happy. I am really happy because this time I've got a nice WordPress plugin entirely free. A plugin that many affiliates would enjoy. A plugin that many bloggers buy in different versions and names. These come from different sellers, for expensive prices.

It is already uploaded and activated on one of my different WP blogs and I'm going to enjoy playing with it!  

From what I could read in the email another gift is coming. I'm excited to see what it is... 

Now seriously if you are looking for ways to transform your genuine articles that you wrote into unique pieces, then you should take a look at this stunning piece of software. It is also a precious tool if you buy PLR articles and want to turn them into something unique that you are proud to publish on your website.

The Spin Rewriter 4.0's subscription comes with some bonuses like a blueprint that will provide you with information on how to launch dozens of sites each week to a great plugin that will turn your WordPress blogs into the same piece of software, allowing you to spin articles directly from your backoffice.

The software comes with three payment options you can choose from:

  • Monthly -- affordable but for exceptional use
  • Yearly -- very affordable and comes with 60% discount
  • Lifetime -- pay once in your life...

See Spin Rewriter 4.0 in action now

I will certainly let you know when I will get more gifts. I love presents as they can turn an average day into a holiday.

See you later, I've got some articles to write ;-)

Posted by Holly Day