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New Lens Payout Limit and Lens Deletion

Besides the new lens threshold, Squidoo has implemented a new payout limit. As of now, if your account has not reached a minimum of $25 you will not be able to requets payment. For those that have hard times driving traffic and, therefore sales to their account it means a lot. It actually means that it will take ages for them to see their money.

How is the new payout limit going to affect lensmasters?

For some others, older lensmasters, who used to get a lot of visits, high rankings and also lots of sales, but whose account stats have dropped dramatically, it means that they will have to wait two or three months before getting paid.

Squidoo's TOS precises that if you have not reached payout in one year, your earnings are going to be given to charity. Indeed, they consider that if you haven't requested payment, it means that you do not care about your account and, therefore, tied money. Which is not true since the new payment policy.

Sadly they did not reply to questions regarding this matter yet: is this term outdated or is it still in action?

Lots of lensmasters worry about losing their hard earned money... And expect an answer.

What about you? Did you reach the minimum amount required to be paid in July? Are you going to have to wait for an additional month before getting your payment?  

Personally I don't know... but my earnings dropped that much that I am not sure I will receive anything in July.

The problem with that new policy is that it is going to make the site look like it does not pay as promised. Newbies will think that they are never going to be paid and it is detrimental to our reputation. The minimum should not have been set that high... at least until money stats increase, if they ever do.

New batch of deleted lenses...

I did not help solving this problem since I have not created a lens since last December. Also I deleted so many of them that I did not have more than 102 remaining ones in my account.

Because I am not interested in having lenses beyond the new 175,000 rank threashold, and because I don't know what the point in keeping seasonal lenses in tier three during their matching season, I also cleaned up my account once again.

I just deleted 14 lenses today. 14 Squidoo lenses that did not get traffic any more, or which traffic's rate was so low that it did not make sense to keep them in my account. I now have 88 remaining pages on the site.

With such a low amount of lenses, I am not going to earn more money than before, even though earnings are 10 times lower than two years ago...

But I have a cleaner account. 

As said in other posts, I did believe that Squidoo would not recover by June 2014 and that we would not see any kind of improvement in our stats. Quantcast clearly shows nowadays trends in Squidoo's traffic stats and I do not see them recover by the end of the year either.

The new lens threshold is going to keep lensmasters off of building lenses - at least those who do not want to work for peanuts and who do not build lenses only for the pleasure. These are lensmasters that actually drive traffic and generate money for the whole lot of us...

The new payout policy is not going to attract more writers who are able to generate either traffic and sales... I do not know where Squidoo will be in one year from today but I am sure that is will not be at the peak of its form either.
Despite what I can read here and there, I am convinced that Google has a lot of responsibility in this disaster (their latest algorithms are the worst they have created ever and I do not search through Google any more because I never get the results I look for)

Sadly for all lensmasters, HQ did not help with their constant policy changes. These keep people away from wanting to be involved in helping the site get better :(

Posted by Holly Day