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Summer Foovay Needs Your Help

Summer Foovay is a Squidoo lensmaster and her husband has end stage renal disease. Because he must go on dialysis treatment several days a week, Summer can't work any more and thus, no work means no revenue. 

Knowing that the social security system in the USA is quite different and almost inexistent in comparison to the one in my home country, I'd like to do something to help her and her dear hubby.

And I hope you will want to.

So head to and make a donation, then ask your close relatives to do so and ask their own relatives to do it too. The more we are, the best we can do. 

There is no need to donate a huge amount as it's out of small brooks that big rivers are made. And if only 5,000 persons would donate each $1, it'll end up with an enormous amount of money that will help Summer take care of her husband.

She stated that her website will be taken down at the end of June so if you read this post after June, I suggest to visit Summer Foovay's lensmaster profile: you will get more alternatives to help her.

Thank you very much in advance.