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Owls, Jupiter Island, Horse Movies, Violets, Mary MacKillop and Makeup Brushes

Owls: Facts, Myths and Superstitions by lensmaster KathyMcGraw
Lensmaster Kathy Mc Graw just discovers the world of "niche" markets. Indeed, until now, she always built pages on Squidoo just to get rewarded by badges. Kathy is a badge collector! She loves any kind of badge for as long as it's a badge. She is also a fellow angel. I met this lensmaster during the last Giant Squid Challenge that started back in October 2009, we became friends and often think alike (you know, great minds... lol). Not so long ago we came across a beautiful lens she created and that I blessed: the Dreamcatchers lens. Well, she decided to work the field even further and create pages on Squidoo that relate to any kind of American Indian beliefs. And I adore the subject (for personal reasons even while I'm not American and thus not Indian). In Owls: Facts, Myths and Superstitions I even learned things about my own country! This is really a must-read!

Jupiter Island by mbgphoto
My son has a grand aunt who married an US American 25 years ago and left our darling beautiful country to settle in America. Actually she lives in Jacksonville, Florida. We've never been there ; first because when I lived with the father of my son we didn't have enough money to travel to the other side of the Atlantic, and then because I have no relation with this family any more since we got separated. But Florida is an area I would have like to visit. Anyway, since I also have a problem with airplanes, I'm definitely condemned to stay in my home country. But the great advantage of being a Squidoo lensmaster is that I can travel directly from my office chair! And this is what I did when I visited Jupiter Island page built by lensmaster mbgphoto! I enjoyed each picture and text of this page and recommend it to everyone.

Top 10 Horse Movies of All Time by HorseAndPony
Lensmaster HorseAndPony is the queen of horse related lenses and, once again, she built a fantastic page that features the Top 10 Horse Movies of All Time. Before clicking on the link, I was sure to find The Black Stallion and Black Beauty movies on this page and guess what? I found them! Black Beauty is one of my favorite movies because it reminds me of my childhood, when on Wednesday afternoon we watched Black Beauty TV series. We had great time! And I spent a really nice moment on this page, reading the details regarding these movies. Hope you'll enjoy too!

Native Violas and Violets of Louisiana by naturegirl7
If you like gardening, you're going to enjoy and love this lens made by lensmaster naturegirl7. Native Violas and Violets of Louisiana is a lens that will teach you everything you always wanted to know about violets, from their description to cultivation requirements and landscaping! Did I mention that lensmaster naturegirl7 does speak about different species of violets of Louisiana? Well, she does! And she does it very well. A very interesting lens for any gardener, whether experienced or wannabe. I saved the page on my computer because I want to make sure that I can go over and over again... Hey, spring has come and it's time to prepare the garden!

Mary MacKillop - Australia's Own Saint by ElleDeeEsse
I've read this lens because it's something that is of a matter to me and also of actuality in my country. Indeed, since many years now, some Belgians would like the pope to canonize king Baudouin Ier, who died in 1993. While the King was probably a kind person (I never met him), I never heard he did any kind of miracle. So, any canonized case does bring some water to my mill: why does one canonize someone? Well mainly because the canonized person did something good and died for their country, like Joan of Arc, or did good to others, like many other saints but none of them was canonized because they were King and did... nothing, whether wrong or right. And so, in this page, I learnt that Mary MacKillop will be canonized by the pope later in 2010. Why? Because she "devoted her life to educating the children of the poor" and was recognized for being responsible of two miracles! I'm terribly sorry but king Baudouin was responsible for no miracle at all! Want to learn more about canonisation and/or Mary MacKillop? Visit this page!

Mineral Makeup Brushes by Leanne Chesser
When I clicked on the link that brought me to this page, I first thought that I would just see a page filled with Amazon Spotlight modules selling mineral makeup brushes. But as soon as I arrived, I discoverd that I was entirely mistaken and that the page was actually really interesting! Instead of having hundreds of selling modules, there's clear and detailed information regarding these makeup tools! And I also discovered the uses of different makeup brushes that I ignored! The page is also filled with exquisite pictures of makeup brushes and I can't do anything but recommend to pay a visit! 

Special Blessings

This page is exclusively for Giants but all lensmasters can go visit and comment, especially those who are part of the current Giant Squid Challenge. In Purple Star Twisters, Norma Budden invites Giants to take part to her challenge. Well, the first part of the lens is entertaining, the second one lists the rules of the challenge and details what she expects from you. The reward? Quoted from the lens itself: "The winner in each category will receive this beautiful mug featuring the purple stars." So, what are you waiting for?

Along with Jupiter Island page I visited and blessed (and will speak about in a future post), I enjoyed paying a visit to Interesting Places to Visit in Florida made by Mbgphoto. This lensmaster is definitely talended for putting together nice lenses illustrated by marvelous and attractive pictures! So, I do recommend this one too -- another great lens in her Florida series!

If you want to gain 10 pounds just reading a Squidoo page, then I recommend to visit Best Monte Cristo Sandwich Recipes built by lensmaster j_barnhart4! Ok, when I prepare an English breakfast on Sunday mornings, I always roast the toasts but the Monte Cristo sandwich is definitely something I wouldn't recommend to someone who's taking an eye on their waistline. But if you're like me and don't really mind about your next diet, I recommend to pay this lens a visit. There are a bunch of recipes that might be of interest to you.

Looking for new bread recipes? Try those listed in Best Bread Recipes With Honey! Lensmaster Tipi gathered the best bread recipes with honey available and built a really attractive and yummy looking page! My personal favorite honey bread would be the one with nuts and honey... a bread that we find in my country and I didn't know there were so many different recipes for making bread with honey!

This is not the most wonderful lens I've ever seen but this is certainly the most well done lens I've seen and that was made by a lensmaster newbie! Any Fresh Squids should take example and inspiration from Wood Routers design, built by lensmaster Charely_Barly. It's definitely a great example of what a lens can be even when built from scratch! Fantastic job!

Squidoo added a new revenue stream for their lensmasters: the Chitika ads. If you're interested in learning more about them, how the system works and the potential benefits, as a lensmaster, you can get form Chitika ads, I suggest to go read Chitika Ads on Squidoo built by lensmaster Flynn the Cat. Err, our legendary cat made it entertaining and informative, all at once!


The Art of Forgiveness

This post is a very special one as, while posting the link to this lens in the SquidU forum, Norma Budden didn't know that her lens would touch me and push me to question myself...
The Art of Forgiveness by Norma_Budden

In January I put an end to my relations with my son's God Mother. For different reasons, the main one being that, since 1999, I was unable to forgive her for having lost my son in a town whe brough him. He was 7 years old, didn't have a clock, she sent the chidren playing in the playground and spent her time with her boyfriend in a cafe. They gave the kids instructions for gathering in some place at a certain hour, my son didn't listen and lost both the adults and kids. He was left on his own, had to walk the entire town to find the car and wait for the group to come back. When she brought my son home, his God Mother said that she would never take him any more, that he didn't pay attention to the instructions and that he was responsible for being lost. She didn't apologize for not having kept an eye on the kids.

I remember that, back in 1993, in Sousse Medina (Tunisia), while shopping, I noticed that her son was leaving with an unknown person, a Tunisian... I ran after them, asked the man why he did take the child, and after a while, I got the kid back. His mother was looking for stuff in a store and didn't pay attention to him. She lost her son another time, few years later and spent an entire afternoon looking after him. So, to me, having lost my son was her fault. She was responsible.

Over the years, this close friend used to stop all relations and contacts with her oldest friends depending on the man she met and lived with. And so I was often rejected, like the other oldest ones, when she met someone. Once the relation was ended, she came back... but never apologized. Another habit was that she always contacted me when she ran out of money, although she earns more money than I do.

Five years ago she also started speaking about all her other friends, saying that they aren't real friends, she didn't like them but kept their friendship because they could help her whenever she needed. I thus questioned our own friendship: why was she a friend of mine? She said: I'm your son's God Mother, that's our lace.

Back in January 2010, I didn't have news from her for almost one year. Just a phone call when her father died but she never replied when I sent a message saying that my cousin died in November. Then in January, I got a message from her new boyfriend (where did he get my mail address?) saying that he was planning my friend's birthday and asked for help. I never met this person and answered that I wanted HER to ask me as I didn't know who he is and didn't know if I could trust him. The only replies I've got were his replies. He insisted for the birthday planning. The last message I sent was that I had enough of her "games". We aren't children any more. If she wants me to come to her birthday party, she sends an email or at least introduces the guy to me. Period. I added "It's strange, she only asks me when she needs money or help". He replied that I'm the worst friend she ever had.

This is where I sent an email to her explaining the way I felt and that I never want to hear from her any more.

That is the reason why Norma Budden's "The Art of Forgiveness" does touch me. While I'm the kind of person who would have an argument with someone and forgive in the next seconds, there's something I couldn't forgive: murder and my friend having lost my child.

I kept the anger for 10 years.

Indeed, forgiveness is an art. And Norma Budden built a piece of art with this lens. It's definitely a must-read for anyone.

Rainy Lake, Minnesota, Eggo Waffles, New Zealand Food, St. Patrick, Horse Paintings

Things to see and do around Rainy Lake, Minnesota by PeteSchultz
I don't like to travel and indeed travel only if I'm obliged to do so; which doesn't happen often. But I really enjoy the discovery of unknown areas (I mean places I've never seen). And so, I've got a lot of pleasure visiting this page that lists the things to see and do around Rainy Lake, Minnesota. "Minnesota", reminded me of my childhood, when I watched the Little House in the Prairie, this is mainly why I clicked on the link, lol. Next, I don't like snow and the second picture I saw on the page was... snow, my personal enemy. Scrolled down a bit and bam! My other enemy: fish! I only love fished on my plate, well cooked, with an excellent sauce or even grilled, otherwise, although my son likes fishing, never tell me anything about fish and fishing ;) Scrolled down and saw kids playing in the snow, people enjoying snow activities (can one really enjoy snow? seems that the answer is yes!) Later on, I see a picture gallery with nice fall pictures, then another one with my best friend ever: water! There are also a bunch of splendid sunset pictures, sunny pictures with persons enjoying summer activities... Oh well, I blessed this lens because it really made me travel out of my home without having to leave it actually. I also really enjoyed looking at all those pictures and loved the overall layout. A must-see!

How Many Different Ways Can You Cook An Eggo? by momto4
When I first saw the link, I wondered why on Earth coulb be "eggo". Thought of eggs, but no, seems that waffles are the actual stars of the lens. OK then, let's go for waffles. Belgians are the kings of waffles and we almost have one type of waffles per region. I was born in Brussels; which produces Brussels Waffles, they're light hot waffles where you put powdered sugar and creme fraƮche. Then we also have Liege Waffles, which are candied waffles, whether hot or not. Mmmm. Delicious! Especially with a cup hot chocolate. However, we don't eat waffles as breakfast. In How many different ways can you cook an eggo, you'll discover a dozen different recipes for eggo waffles improvement. From peanut butter to egg and cheese, if you like such way of cooking waffles, you'll like it. As for me, I couldn't eat peanut butter on a waffle (only put a coat of peanut butter on bread and eat as is because I don't want to become more than overweight). Bad for health but definitely a great lens for the creativity and the bright and highly attractive colors and pictures!

Kiwi Food Quiz - Do You Know New Zealand Food? by Pukeko
How well do you know food that is served in New Zealand? Personally, I learned a lot of things about it while visiting the page. I took the quiz; which was joyful thing and got 60% good answers; mainly because French and British English use the same words or at least the same roots for words. We call a courgette a courgette... We call a Sprite... lemonade, lol. But what is an Afghan? What's a flat white? Kiwi food quiz - Do you know New Zealand food is an entertaining lens that will teach you a lot of things about the NZ food! In addition, you're going to learn more about the famous Pavlova... Visit the lens and have fun!

St. Patrick's Day- Pagan Style! by M_S_Beltran
I would say that, while I understand why Irish do celebrate Saint Patrick, I'll never understand why non Irish would celebrate it. To me it looks like if non-Christians would celebrate Easter or the Canadian Labor Day while I'm a Belgian living in Belgium. Even worse: why would I celebrate the 4th of July when I live in Belgium and am not an US American? This is beyond my comprehension as Saint Patrick was celebrated in Belgium by non-Irish persons... and medias encouraged us to celebrate it. But if you know me a bit, you know that I love 24-hour holidays. And thus, I enjoyed visiting St. Patrick's Day - Pagan Style! This lens will walk you through saint Patrick holiday as it's celebrated nowadays: the pagan way. Let's forget about the debate and the basic motive of the day and just focus on the beauty of this lens, the way the lensmaster crafted and decorated this piece of art. And just enjoy for what it is. And to me, this page is a wonderful holiday related Squidoo page!

The Horse Paintings Of Wild Faces Gallery by WildFacesGallery
Subtitle: The Horse Paintings Of Mona Majorowicz
This lens features WildFacesGallery's favorite horse paintings. I've seen some of her lenses and always loved them and was amazed by her art and creativity. I definitely would appreciate to have some of her painting hanging on my walls! Although it's hard to make decision on which one of her paintings is the most beautiful one, I would say that my favorite painting is Spanish Gold. Obviously, Liberty is a marvelous one too: I love black horses! Well, since I'm a mother, I definitely enjoyed Devotion...  What is or what are your favorite one(s)? Working Girls, Power & Passion, Strength & Glory, Soul (what a seductive name!)... 


Invisible Cupcake, Alice In Wonderland, Animal Totems, Joan Jett, Grassroots Funding

Invisible Cupcake Decoration by Flynn the Cat
This is one of my favorite Squidoo pages ever! The lens begins like any other lens, with a real intro, very nice graphic, catchy title "The Art of Invisible Baking and Decoration: Cupcakes". Err... Not sure of what I've just read. Let's re-read... Yes, I've read well, this is written "The Art of Invisible Baking and Decoration: Cupcakes". The art of what??? Invisible baking and decoration??? Eeeeeeeeeek???? What's that? Ok, let's read on. Still in the introduction, the Cat tells us that we can choose as to whether making plain cupcake base with invisible icing or making both invisible. Still not sure... Oh, yes, there are recipes... they're just "up to you" kind of recipes. At one point, something catches my eyes "Translucent Topping". Translucent, uh? Yeah! Got it! Indeed, the funniest lens I've ever read and that you owe yourself to read too! Not only will you spend a great time but it'll give you many ideas for making invisible cupcake decorations and areas to put them! Indeed, invisible cupcakes match any home style! 

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland Movie Review by Treasures-By-Brenda
As said in a previous post a while ago, I'm not the kind of person who would follow the trends and systematically watch the last trendy movie that everyone and their cat would have watched. This is no-no situation to me! But if I changed my mind regarding Avatar - that my son desperatly wanted to watch and that I finally accepted to watch and, yes, really enjoyed because it talks about something that touches me a lot ; I stay on my position and decided that I won't go watch Alice in Wonderland. Why? Simply because I never liked Alice in Wonderland. Actually, all what happens to Alice always happened to me when I was a little girl and sick. Fever brought horrible nightmares that all looked like the things Alice in Wonderland had to face and deal with. I was attacked by books, rabbits, cards... Anyway, I liked the review made by Brenda, liked the graphics and posters she added to the page and blessed it.

Animal Totems by lensmaster WildFacesGallery
Here's a page that I blessed because it taught me something. While a bit spiritual since I read the Tarot cards and I am a quite sensitive person, I know nothing about animal totems. The only thing I could relate to totems are what my friends who were scouts told me; which is very few things. So I discovered a brand new "universe" and have to say that I definitely enjoyed the time spent reading this lens and looking at the beautiful pieces of art made by lensmaster WildFacesGallery. If you are interested in Animal Totems, you're going to love this Squidoo page!

Joan Jett by 24websurf
She made me think to Suzy Quattro, I loved her hair and loved her songs. What? Didn't catch what you said... Oh, yep, I'm talking about Joan Jett. You know... I love rock'n roll. Lensmaster HOlley made a lens that talks through Joan Jett's career and songs. This is a really well done page, full of information regarding Joan Jett and the time she was a worldwide fame. When I say "worldwide fame" I mean: we only heard her songs on all the radios everywhere in the world! In addition, Holley features Mattel's Joan Jett Barbie girl both prototype and actual doll --> unfortunately between the prototype that looked exactly like Joan Jett and the actual doll that looked like any aesthetically repaired Hollywood actress, there was no comparison... Anyway if you love Joan Jett, you're going to love this lens ; if you would like to learn more about the fav's of the "old people" we, those who have more than 35 years old, you're going to love this lens. Just like I love Rock'n Roll!

Grassroots Funding by MysticTurtle
This page made by lensmaster MysticTurtle is some kind of promotional platform for the Kickstarter organization; which offers monetary support (through donations) for people who have a project and need funds. Kickstarter supports Deb Laubman's Himalaya Rescue Dog Squad Nepal Book Project ; Rachel Cook's Microlending Documentary ; Greg Roden's Food Forward Trailer ; Robby Pettinato's Philos Anthropos, etc. If you want to learn morea bout these projects and how to help, visit Grassroots Funding. It was Lens of the Day and I blessed it because any gesture does count towards success.

PS Flynn... I tried but didn't find Invisible Cupcake Decorations on Amazon... Will shoot them an email asking for adding such decorating items in their catalog!

Pamela Colman, Mountains, Coal Country, Jello Shot, Shades of Black and White

Pamela Colman-Smith Is The Illustrator Of The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck by Alfiesgirl
If you are interested in Tarot cards reading, you might have heard about Pamela Colman. Of course if you're interested by illustrations and artists that work in that field, you might also know who is Pamela Colman. Personally and even while I'm a Tarot cards reader, I never heard about this person and thus discovered a bunch of things about her in the lens I'm presenting here: Pamela Colman-Smith Is The Illustrator Of The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Obviously, I read traditional old fashioned tarot cards and this is probably why I didn't heard about this person. In this lens, you will learn where she was born, what are her artworks, and the lensmaster also shows you some of the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck nice cards.

Let's Stop Blowing Up Mountains by lensmaster kimmanleyort
I live in a country which main business was, hundred years ago, coal mines. Since we're a flat country, we don't have mountains and thus coal extraction was done underground. It was really dangerous job and we had a horrible accident at Bois du Cazier where hundreds or coal miners were killed in a fire! So, first downside of coal mines: dangerous! Then, I came up to a lens that speaks about blowing up mountains to extract coal... How horrible is that! What mankind is able to do to earn money! I'll never understand! In addition - and while you know that I don't like mountains because I'm subject to vertigo; which means I don't walk ON mountains but definitely love to see them - they're breaking breathtaking landcapes! How beautiful are some mountains! How beautiful are those of Grand Canyon for example. Well, second downside: systematic destruction of marvelous titans that existed long before us! Learn more by visiting Let's Stop Blowing Up Mountains.

Coal Country - Appalachian Mountains by callinsky
In the same vein as the page mentioned above, Coal Country - Appalachian Mountains talks through the mining of Appalachian Mountains; which are, in the same way, blown up to extract coal. In this page, you will learn everything about the downsides of coal extraction in Coal Country. This is more focused and more detailed on what you can expect from such business. It's also a wonderful description of what human beings can do just for business purposes. Someone commented and said that if coal miners would get other job offers they would for sure stop extracting coal. Well, hm... in the country I live, I know that coal miners became coal miners because their father was one and their grandfather, and so on. It's some kind of a family affair. I know that it's hard for him to have those mines closed forever and that they have to recycle in another type of job. I think coal miners love their job, simply... Changing minds isn't an easy thing but with patience and cleverness, everything is possible. Coal Country - Appalachian Mountains is definitely a page that you will stop by!

How To Make A Jello Shot by ravedid
Wow! I first read this page and thought... eeeeek! jello... there's gelatin into them! How can one eat such thing? In all honesty, I couldn't. Because my grandmother used to rent rooms to expat workers, I lived in a multicultural society and once, she had a British tenant who brought a jello cake from England. I tried but couldn't eat it. Ok, that's said, now let's get back to How to Make a Jello Shot lens. The colors of the jello shots are highly sexy! What a colored and thus joyful lens! How inventive are the recipes included in this page! I even was attracted by some jello eyeballs! I definitely won't try Jello shots but may give a try to the recipes without gelatin and definitely love the overall layout of this lens!

Shades Of Black And White by ShirlW
This lens is the special guest star of the day. Shades Of Black And White is lensmaster ShirlW's story. This lensmaster talks through her way to join her life to the one of a Black man. It's hard to talk about this lens because it's someone else's life but nobody can remain unmoved by this story of a life choice and I advise everyone to go see this page.


Write Copy, Kuan Yin, Dyscalculia, Clouds, Guestbook and How to Pray the Rosary

Make Money By Writing Copy For Greetings Cards by dezwards
There are many ways to make money, both online and offline but if you're a poet or like to write humourous texts, there's a niche that's definitely made for you: the greeting cards market! And lensmaster dezwards is showing you how to make money by writing copy for greeting cards. In this Squidoo page, you're going to learn if writing copy for greeting cards will make you rich, what exactly is copy, how to get ideas to write for greeting cards, and even how to tailor your copy for specific companies. In summary, if you're an artist and want to make money, you owe yourself a visit to this page!

The Goddess Kuan Yin by LotusMalas
I'm a total ignorant in anything related to Asian culture and particularly in yoga and everything that's zen attitude related. But this doesn't prevent me from being able to appreciate something really beautiful, attractive or simply peaceful. I also love to learn and in this lens I learned many things about the Goddess Juan Yin. LotusMalas built a very interesting page about this Goddess but in addition, she created a lovely design that makes the lens more attractive. LotusMalas is definitely the Goddess of Buddhist deities.

Dyscalculia Awareness Month by lensmaster AddaptAbilities
Everyone knows what Dyslexia is - except a few idiots who still pretend that dyslexic persons are stupid. But while dyslexia relates to those who struggle with letters and words, there's another learning disability that can hit anyone like silver bullet and is less known and less by authorities: dyscalculia. I have dyscalculia and rely on my fingers to find the right number to put in the right place - but I won't tell you how I struggle when I don't have my keyboard and computer or my calculator (I'm an accountant). I would say that dyscalculia also has some categories as I see numbers in wrong order, I often write them in wrong order but when it comes to mentally calculate, I have no problem - for as long as I read the numbers properly, of course. So, as you can see, dyscalculia can be a huge problem for anyone. If you want to learn more about this learning disability and more particularly about Dyscalculia Awareness Month, you'll be glad to visit Addy's page.

Fascinating and Beautiful Clouds! by lensmaster LKW31
Ah, this one is a lens I particularly enjoyed to visit as it features something that I definitely fear and love at once: clouds! To me, clouds have a significance: they make me travel through centuries. They talk to me "Look, I was there when Louis XIV moved permanently to Versailles" or "We were here when Frenchmen killed Louis XVI", etc. Clouds are beautiful and, while they can be upon us when the sun is shining, they can also announce a storm or any other harmful event. Clouds can also become pieces of art, like those that feature Jesus or any other important character. In summary, I would say that I could spend hours and hours looking at all those fascinating and beautiful clouds!

Top Movies on the Environment by kimmanleyort
Another type of subject that I definitely love and enjoy is... debate! I was asked not so long ago to enter politics but I refused: I have so many things to do in a day, I couldn't leave my family aside for political motives. But I really enjoy debates, whether they're related to politics or not. The one I'm presenting here relates to the environment and movies made after this worldwide matter. I would really like you to join the debate, share your point of view about the environmental movies of those two decades. So, don't delay and come join us in Top Movies on the Environment!

15 Crazy Uses for the Guestbook Module by lensmaster rms
Any Squidoo-er who really wants to interact with their visitors knows what a guestbook is. We generally add a guestbook at the end of our lens so that visitors can leave a message. But there are many OTHER ways to use the fantastic guestbook module that Squidoo provides us with! Lensmaster Robin listed for you 15 crazy uses for the guestbook module and if you're looking for ways to pimp your lens without having to deal with html or css codes, I recommend you to read her lens, you'll be glad you did!

How To Pray The Rosary by pkmcr
Before talking through this wonderful lens, I would precise that I'm Catholic by fact (I was born in a Catholic family and got the baptism and well as my first communion) but not by faith (I'm doubtful and only believe in what I see and experience). So, you won't have the overview of a faithful person here. I didn't bless the lens because it would match my personal thoughts, nor because Paul Duxbury is one of the kindest persons I've ever met. This blessing is nothing else than an objective blessing because it reminds me things of my childhood, when I went to the church with my grandmother and followed the religion classes at school and because the texts Paul Duxbury added to this lens are beautiful. So, lensmaster pkmcr (Paul Duxbury) will walk you through the way to pray the rosary. The page is a mix of step-by-step tutorial on how to pray the rosary as well as a marvelous resource of prayers.


How to Take Care of a Strawberry Plant

Compared to other plants, strawberry plants are especially simple to take care of and speedy yields returning the delectable fruits for your family to be pleased with. Earlier than planting a strawberry plant it's quite critical to settle on what type of strawberry you're going to plant. Generally many gardeners fall the strawberries in to three special types i.e. Everbearing strawberry, Day-Neutral strawberry plant plant and June Bearing strawberry plant. These 3 categories of strawberries aren't recognizable by sight but you may enquire at the shop from where you'll buy as various care gets into both the strawberry plants. How to Take Care of a Strawberry Plant. Posted by Squidoo Lensmaster Prosperity66

Healthy Lifestyle, Granny Squares, Multiple Sclerosis, Thomas Alexander, Joseph Cornell and Stained Glass

13 Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle by Norma Budden
Having a healthy lifestyle seems being a trend nowadays but even while we all would like to have a healthy way of life, it's not easy to do. Since we have a day job, kids to take care of, time to spend on our charities or other activities, we're almost always running here and there and don't have time to focus on stuff like knowing if what we do is good for us. In summary, living healthy is easier to say than to do... But what if you would have a list of 13 steps to a healthy lifestyle? Norma Budden built a lens that will teach you the easiest 13 steps to take for having a healthy lifestyle.

How to Join Granny Squares by  HSSchulte
I have two left hands, do you? I'm a zero in sewing, crocheting, quilting, etc. Really. This is the reason why I appreciated this tutorial that teaches how to join granny squares. Have to say that I love tutorials and more when they come with pictures that show you how to do things. And HSSchulte built a short but really detailed page on how to join granny squares ; and since Springtime is about to come you could design a nice vest with such squares and follow HSSchulte's instructions on how to join them all together.

Joseph Cornell by lensmaster clemency
I came across this really nice Joseph Cornell tribute lens and liked it a lot. It's short but detailed, with necessary information, nothing's left aside and there's nothing unnecessary. It teaches you everything you have to know about the American artist Joseph Cornell and for those who know and liked him, it's a real gem. For those who ignore who was Joseph Cornell, it's a great resource!

My Experience In the Stained Glass Business by Andy-Smith
Besides tutorials, a type of lenses I particularly like are those that talk through lives. And lensmaster Andy-Smith built this Squidoo page that relates to his experience in the stained glass business. He talks about everything: how he came to teach how to work stained glass, how he had to cope with design stealers, and much more. YOu'll even have an overview of his creations and I have to say that I was really impressed by their quality! A must-see lens!

Thomas Alexander - A Black History Month tribute (Part I) by lensmaster _Joan_
This lensmaster talks through the way her father lived in changing America. Oh, yes... let's start by the beginning. Joan is an African-American, and so is her father. And his father experienced the way America dealt with Black people; from his native town to the one he settled, from the well-known sit-ins... It's part one of an interesting story that you should read. And I definitely hope for more.

Multiple Sclerosis - A Story of Strength and Courage by babylovetees
Lensmaster babylovetees built a lens that walks you through the story of her daughter - Jena - who is dealing with multiple sclerosis. In Multiple Sclerosis - A Story of Strength and Courage explains how her daughter was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis ; but she also showcases a nice store with marvelous accessories decorated with Jena's paintings, and finishes the lens with some kind of "happy end" as Jena just met the love of her life.


How to Grow Strawberries in Hanging Pots

Since strawberry plants grow well in the areas of mid climate and are damaged easily by frost, it becomes important to provide them easily drained and frost free position for plantation. It becomes even more difficult to plant trees if there is no garden in your house. Well do not worry. Many new methods are practiced by those who do not have gardens but like to grow sweet, red strawberries in their own house. Here are some way-out that will surely help you out to blossom your strawberries in the very first summer using the decorative hanging pots in your deck or sunny outdoor areas. How to Grow Strawberries in Hanging Pots: "How to Grow Strawberries in Hanging Pots"

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Live With Yourself, Rise To Candleford, Blarney Stone, Daylight Saving Time, Reaction To Color, Purple Star Award

Learning How To Live With Yourself by boshemia
Do you like yourself? What do you think about yourself? Personally, I've never been crazy about me, lol. Instead, I'm always unsatisfied of myself and what I do so I always criticize me. But it is the best way to bring success? What does it take to become successful in anything you do? What are your thoughts about your previous decisions? In order to peacefully live with yourself, there are some rules and lensmaster boshemia, who is going to make you learn how to live with yourself, knows them very well.

Lark Rise To Candleford by WordCustard
WordCustard, the little green pear did it again! She made a SquidLit - this is a Squidoo lens that comes with a very special template and that relates to literature - about Flora Thompson's "Lark Rise To Candleford" book. Personally, I love anything that dates back centuries ago ; even the past century. I also love anything that's related to England. Well, the book joins both qualities that make me want to read a book. And after having read WordCustard's review, I would say that, for the very first time, I'm ready to read a book in English; which is my third language only. Is it enough to motivate you to visit this lens?

Blarney Stone by JaguarJulie
Saint-Patrick Day is upcoming and Squidoo lensmasters focus on this 24-hour holiday. But JaguarJulie - the Squidoo 400 miles/hour woman - built this lens long ago. Blarney Stone is a a blue stone that lies into Blarney Castle (Ireland). There's a legend that states that if you kiss the Blarney Stone, you'll become an eloquent person. So, have you kissed the Blarney Stone? Well, I don't think JaguarJulie woul dhave kissed the Blarney Stone but she encourages you to do so and is excited getting your thoughts and pictures so that she can add them to this marvelous lens. A really interesting piece of entertainment AND history! Nobody on Squidoo has the same sense of fun than JaguarJulie!

Isn't it time to abolish Daylight Saving Time? by Ener-G
What do you tink about Daylight Saving Time? Personally I categorically hate it!Annual Daylight Saving Time disrupts my hours of sleep, tires me (in October, I hardly stay awakened), perturbs babies and feeding hours, perturbs the children and the hours when they are going to bed and finally, this nasty habit benefits only to the companies which gain more money by making their employees work longer (truck drivers). In addition, I've never noticed a single monetary benefit from DST! This madness has to stop! What do you think of it? Lensmaster Ener-G opened the debate and I definitely recomment to visit this page!

Reaction To Color by Laniann
Did you know that colors have an effect on our mind? Yes? No? Well, actually indeed, it does. Why would marketers and designers use this color instead of this one? For example, in marketing, black color represents luxury; a friend of mine who has a real problem with herself bought a red car - she desperately needs recognition - but red can also be the color of anger. Yellow is a stressing color and blue seems to stick to Blues music with perfection. Why do hospitals havepale green walls? If you want to get an answer, I suggest to visit Reaction to Color by lensmaster Laniann.

Today's Special Guest Star:
Purple Star Awards by Norma_Budden
Are you a Giant Squid? Do you want to become a Giant Squid and wonder what are the benefits of this marvelous status? Or simply do you want to learn what's having a Squidoo special status? You've come to the right place! Norma Budden will teach you everything you always wanted to know about the Purple Star; which is one of the Giant status benefits and also calls all Giant Squids to add their Purple Star lenses to her page!

(This Squidoo page was also awarded Lens of the Day!)


Cornish Pasty, Rock and Roll Wedding, Chris De Burgh, Raising Sand and much more!

Cornish Pasty Recipe by lensmaster theraggededge

Lensmaster Bev created a Squidoo cuisine related page about how to make Cornish Pasty. It seems that this recipe is legendary in Britain. Well, I was ignorant and after having red the recipe and looked at the pictures, I would say that I understand why Brits love Cornish pasty! So if you too would like to learn more about this traditional British recipe, I suggest to have a look at Cornish Pasty Recipe, you won't regret the trip!

Have a Rock and Roll Themed Wedding by lensmaster arncyn

I'm a traditionalist, conservative, legitimist, OMG! But I definitely loved this unusual wedding themed lens! What about having a rock'n roll themed wedding? Lensmaster arncyn walks you through the set up of a rock and roll themed wedding and does explain everything from A to Z about what is such a wedding in her opinion. I this page you'll find a bunch of tips to help you get started with your themed wedding.

Who is Chris De Burgh? by lensmaster kimmanleyort

There was music in the air on Saturday as the lens I'm talking about here relates to music too! But this one is dedicated to Chris de Burgh. How well do you know this artist? Do you want to learn more about him? In any case, you've come to the right place. Kimmanleyort is going to walk you through Chris de Burgh's career and you're going to enjoy the time you'll spend reading this lens!

Raising Sand - Alison Krauss & Robert Plant by lensmaster Flynn the Cat

Still in the musical mood... oh, there must be something that happens on Squidoo for having find so many music related lenses! What do you know about Robert Plant? How well do you know Alison Krauss? Like? Dislike? Wish to discover both of them? Want to learn more? Or simply, just wish to listen to the Raising Sand's tunes? Flynn's waiting for you and will walk you through the career and most famous album of these singers.

The Apple iPad by lensmaster j_barnhart4

Secrets of the last Apple's "beast" are unveiled! Lensmaster j_barnhart4 speaks about the Apple iPad, the brand new Apple toy! In this lens you're going to learn more about the iPad but also what are their features, and have a way to win an Apple iPad! Yep! The lens refers to Megan Casey's Squidoo iPad Giveaway too! So, don't delay, get to The Apple iPad, discover what this new toys is all about and have a look at the featured lenses at the same time!

Beer Batter Fried Shrimp Recipe by lensmaster ThomasC

Do you love shrimps? Are you lacking of recipes? Would like to try a new one? Or simply are you looking for party food? You've come to the right place! I'm crazy about shrimps and fell in love with this fantastic recipe! Lensmaster ThomasC will walk you through the process of making batter fried shrimps and the recipe not only sounds but looks yummy! Still here? What are you waiting for... go see the page!

Easy Paella Recipes, by me...

No, this isn't a blessed lens - at least I didn't bless it myself and haven't had any blessings on it. But this is the first lens I created after my server hacking and I wanted to make some promotion, lol. So, if you wonder what paella is, or if you wish to try to prepare a delightful Spanish meal, you've come to the right place: my favorite paella is the one called "Paella de Mariscos" and I prepare it with only seafood.

Paella is a recipe that is time consuming but even while I prepare tasteful meals but definitely don't like to cook, I'm always looking for quick and easy ways to turn a time consuming and tedious to make recipe into a simple 1.2.3. one! Once again, I share the traditional way to prepare the meal as well as the quick and easy way to cook a paella. 


Champion Chase, Teen Suicide, Easter Traditions, Daisies and SquidKiva

Queen Mother Champion Chase by lensmaster GingerAlly
I'm not a big fan of jump racing, whether in my country or anywhere else in the world but I really enjoyed and appreciated to read Queen Mother Champion Chase page on Squidoo. I've thus learned a lot of things, like here it does happen, the history of the Queen Mother Champion Chase, their trainers and jockeys, and many more things. If you are interested in such exhibition, I strongly advise you to go to read this Squidoo page made by lensmaster GingerAlly.

Teen Suicide, by lensmaster strayspay
As parents we shouldn't survive our children and most of them wouldn't want to survive them. Is teen suicide taboo? I think so. Many of us prefer not to think it can happen, not because we don't care, but simply because we definitely don't want our children to kill themselves. Lensmaster strayspay put together a little one-page guide on how to find out as to whether a child is about to commit suicide, the main reasons for such an extreme choice... A must-read.

Easter Traditions by lensmaster pkcmr
pkcmr is a lensmaster whose lenses are always a pleasure to read. In addition, it's a really nice person. He also creates many lenses related to the one-day holiday niche, like I do; which is also a reason to me for having a lot of pleasure when I visit his lenses. Paul always comes up with ideas I never think about - even after a hard braindstorming seance! So, once again, he puzzled me with is fantastic Easter Squidoo page! If you want to learn more about the Easter traditions, you're sure to find more than asked by reading this lens!

Gerbera Daisies: The Best Daisies Ever by lensmaster LeanneChesser
Lensmaster LeanneChesser just created a Squidoo lens related to a flower that was overlooked for many years and that just came back into the trends: the gerbera. I remember that as a child I always loved this flower because it's the only one that allowed me to play that well known little game called "Effeuiller la marguerite"; which is a French game that we, in Europe really enjoy. The principle of this game is to take a gerbera and pick one petal off at a time while saying: "he (she) loves me a little, much, madly, not at all..." You'll determine how much he (she) loves you when there will be no petal left. In this time, gerbera daisies were mostly white... But nowadays, gerbera daisies are colorful! And they definitely add a touch of class to any bouquet! So, I will second lensmaster Leanne and state that Gerbera Daisies are the best daisies ever!

SquidKiva - A Kiva Community for Squidoo Lensmasters by lensmaster kab
This one was Lens of the Day few days ago and I wanted to highlight this fantastic charity! Of course, I blessed the lens as it's one that is helping many people in underdeveloped countries to start their own business and gives hope to them. Hope for getting out poverty and hope for a little light in the dark. If you want to learn more about the Kiva organization, SquidKiva is  the place to go.

Update regarding my websites... My hosting account has been atomised few days ago and thus, I'm starting from scratch! The virus and hacking disaster allowed me to  entirely revamp Easter Bells, a guide to Easter holiday, with a brand new header, a new design (CSS and layout made by me) and I also took advantage of this task to clean the site and remove the old articles that would link to dead sites, etc. Fortunately, Google unlocked the site as well as the one of It's Christmas Time and My Happy Halloween. Christmas and Halloween blogs were moved to Blogger so that they're safe and I don't have to care about a potential hacker. This will allow me to focus on the main sites security.

Now, I'm waiting for being unlocked by Google. will be reupload as soon as I'll come up with an idea for content as I decided to stop my bargain activities as well as take all other sites that aren't one-day holidays and those two sites related for ever. Now, I will have some more time to spend on other's sites and lenses, and within one week I should have plenty of time as the hacking problem should become a thing from the past ;)


Lens Promotion, Gardening, the Cheetah and How to Draw Sharks, all in one place!

So, you built a lens, you submitted it for review in the Critique Me section (SquidU forum), you've made changes, you improved a lot, the lens looks perfect and you submitted for potential blessings in Angels Forum (SquidU forum). Now what? Let's say that you've got a few blessings, you got a few lensmasters who visited your brand new lens and... deseperately expect Google or any other search engine traffic but this doesn't come. What to do? Well, simply go to jeffwend's Lens Promotion and Traffic Generating Strategies and follow his instructions. In this lens you'll learn how to effectively promote your lens and how to drive search engine traffic to it. A must-read for any lensmaster!

Tools For Gardening Vegetables: Starting With the Basics by lensmaster WellnessWiseGuy

Springtime is quickly coming and by the way, time has come to get back to the garden and start planting trees, flowers, fruit plants, etc. No, I'm not going to promote another of my Strawberry lenses but suggest you to have a look at Tools For Gardening Vegetables: Starting With the Basics so that you learn the basic tools you need for your gardening activities and can take action now: with such tools, you'll have a good start to prepare the ground for planting, and make base for a beautiful garden this summertime.

White Spring Flowers by flowergardener

While we're in the gardening mood, I'd like to invite you to visit flowergardener's brand new lens collection. Start with White Spring Flowers; which is the lens I blessed, then, go to Pink Spring Flowers  Err... and I have to say that I fell in love for the pin Lily of the Valley featured in the Pink Spring Flowers lens! Once you've take note of all the marvelous flowers Deb presents, go to Flowers for Shade . If you wish to learn more about gardening, Deb's entire collection is the one-stop Squidoo resource for gardening! But the blessed lens is white spring flowers and in this lens you're going to discover the marvelous Coneflower, the nice White Butterfly Plant, the very special Vanilla Spoon (white Daisy), the white Egret, the White Shasta Daisy Flower and much more!

Cheetah - Elegant and Graceful by lensmaster sharpturn

We're leaving the garden and travel to the wild world with this fantastic lens that tells you everything you always wanted to know about this elegant animal: the Cheetah! You'll learn more about Cheetah's weight, height, etc. Then you're going to discover the Cheetah's daily routine... The lens is written like a diary and is definitely one you owe yourself to read. Cheetah - Elegant and Graceful was Lens of the Day and was definitely deserved!

How To Draw Sharks The Easy Way by lensmaster Anwarart

This lens is a very good tutorial on how to draw sharks. I was really impressed by how this lensmaster built their lens. So, I commented: "I'm impressed! I love tutorials... Is that really your very first lens? " and when I went back after having commented and blessed, I noticed they replied to my comment. Anwarart replied this: "this is my first lens ever. I did some research ahead of time before signing up here." So... he researched before making their lens! This is the way Squidoo works and the way you can get some blessings from us, Angels... Fantastic first lens ever! I bet this lensmaster will get more blessings in the future!


Why I Didn't Post...

My server was hacked last week, so, I spent four days, trying to repair what hackers broke, then testing, repairing once again, changing all passwords, fixing things, then re-testing... 73HFXGR72UTR

And the hackers still had access to the server. So, my Webhost restored my account to zero - four years work lost - and I have to build everything from scratch; which means that I wasn't able to post here.

But this didn't prevent me from angeling and tomorrow I'll post the last lenses I blessed.

I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and see you tomorrow.

Posted by Squidoo Lensmaster Prosperity66