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Teach a child to read with phonics

Michelle, aka pacrapacma is a brand new lensmaster who happened to learn fast how to build a Squidoo lens. She seems to focus her lensmastering on reading for kids.

This is where I try to introduce her purple star - angel blessed lens Teach a child to read with phonics. Personally I consider culture, knowledge and, therefore, learning to read, write and speak, should be free. Therefore, I couldn't leave this lens before sprinkling some angel dust on it. Education is something we can't live without and the lens is definitely worth the visit.

In this page, you're going to learn how to teach your child to read; you're going to get links to free resources to teach reading to your kids, how to have fun teaching how to read using magnetic letters (the lens comes with a bunch of videos; which makes the process to learn everything easier and entertaining), as well as a list with the best books to teach reading.

As with everything, when done in an entertaining and joyful way, learning how to read becomes so easy... and Michelle proves it.

Low Budget, Fun-Filled Summer Vacation

Last time I left my home town to go on holiday abroad was ten years ago. So, when I come to a page that provides me with ideas on how to enjoy hometown vacations, I read it carefully. 

In her very well done and joyful Low Budget, Fun-Filled Summer Vacation lens, LissaKlar provides us with a bunch of ideas on what to do for peanuts during the holidays.

She invites you in bike rides and walks, and provides you with biking accessory ideas; she recalls you that croquet can be a very funny backyard activity - an almost forgotten one!!! - and also lists some other low cost outdoor fun tools.

But there's more! How about getting an inflatable pool in the backyard and invite friends and family for a funny afternoon? How about a trip to a park where you can discover wild life or even a day to the local zoo (if you don't have a local park)?

And if, in any way, you still want to move from the house, you can pretend to go camping... in the backyard; you'll even get some ideas on how to do that!

6 Historical Landmarks in Mississippi

I'm not a traveller and I don't like to leave my home country. Because I'm afraid to fly, I'll never go to any overseas country, more particularly, I'll never get to see the Mississippi and other Southern US places; which, however, are all quite appealing.

For this reason, I take a lot of pleasure in visiting Web pages built after specific places in the world. This is one of those daily activities I particularly enjoy and, when a page is very well done, well detailed and includes a lot of interesting information, it makes me feel like if I would have travelled in reality.

This is what happened with tssfacts's lens 6 Historical Landmarks in Mississippi.

The lens is an account of her desire to live in an old plantation house, the realization of her dream to live in such a house and the discovery of the Mississippi state and its beautiful architecture.

All in all, this lens brings you on a trip into Southern US history and made me feel, for a few moments, like Scarlett O'Hara.


Valentine's Day and Cupid Kisses

Today is Valentine's Day, a day that I dedicate to everyone as, for me, V'Day isn't just a celebration for couples, it's also the celebration of the love you have for your children, friendship, etc.

Squidoo HQ challenged all their angels to give Cupid kisses to the lenses they're visiting. I gave a few ones. Here are the lenses I blessed today:

If you're interested in Chinese Dynasties such as the Thang Dynasty:
 Chinese Dynasties|The Thank Dynasty

Perhaps do you admire Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa?
 My Hero - The Person I Admire Most

Instead, you might want to dedicate the day to all women you know
 Women in Past and Present

However, you can have a preference for some famous warriors
 Attila the Hun

Or simply want to meet some unknown heroes - as heroes are often those that you wouldn't expect from them to be or simply don't want you to consider them as heroes...
 Heroes? They Didn't Think So

Do you need to recall all Post Office holidays of 2011? Here you are:
 Post Office Holidays
Do you have an opinion... thanks for sharing.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted by Squidoo Angel Prosperity66


Bergen Belsen

As an angel on Squidoo, I'm also now in charge of the World History category. History is a passion and, therefore, I'll take pleasure from reading those lenses when I'll be looking for bless worthy ones.

And so, when searching for such lenses in the huge collection of existing ones, I found a gem I already visited long ago. It's built by mugshot, and relates to the camp of Bergen Belsen

Although 20th century history doesn't fall into my favourite period of history (my main focus is history of France from 5th to 18th century), like anyone born in the 20th century in my country, I grew up in the memory of WWII and, obviously, was taught the horrible things that occurred in this period. There are no words to describe my feelings regarding this.

Mugshot was certainly more touched than me with those atrocities as his grand father was one of the first British soldiers who penetrated Bergen Belsen in 1945. Although it seems that his grandfather didn't speak a lot about what he saw and felt, he, nevertheless, gave Mugshot the need to see Bergen Belsen through the eyes of the liberating troops. 

And he made a lens to share his experience in this (I cite Mugshot and agree with him) "infamous concentration camp".

Posted by Squidoo Angel Prosperity66


Have You Already Been To Versailles Museum?

During my journey as an Angel on Squidoo, I discovered an outstanding lens built by lensmaster Michey and that relates to the Palace of Versailles.

Louis XIV is my favourite French king and, therefore, Versailles being his brain child, I stayed on that lens as long as I could - though, this lens has a sister that is also outstanding!

When you arrive on the page, Louis XIV welcomes you and invites you to visit his house. Then you discover the magnificent ceiling frescoes of the castle. Some time later, you visit the halls of this sumptuous palace as well as a photo gallery that displays breathtaking views from the inside of Versailles Palace.

You'll learn many things about Versailles furniture and decorations, official rooms, the paintings, etc.

Obviously, during the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI, Versailles changed a lot and the restorations of the 19th and 20th centuries have also probably brought their share of changes but all in all, you'll discover the decor in which Louis XIV loved to live and you'll do it right from the home!

I invite you to pay Museum Versailles Decorations a visit, you won't regret it! 

Posted by Squidoo Angel Prosperity66


Clever Weber Q Barbecue Comparison

As said in my previous post, the Summer fun category in Squidoo is quite empty and most lenses aren't bless worthy, therefore, I tried to find a first lens to bless in this category and found this nicely put together lens on Weber Q Barbecue comparisons.

The lens has been created by lensmaster dismantelrepair and is definitely an interesting overview of those Weber barbecues, smart comparisons and detailed information.

I hope that you'll head to Comparing Weber Q Grills? to check it out and comment on a lens that's really well done.

Posted by Squidoo Angel Prosperity66


Homemade Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas

When I turned the computer on this morning, I had the great pleasure to see Homemade Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas was Lens of the Day.

It's been a long time that I hadn't a lens made Lens of the Day and, who ever the person who nominated my lens, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 

Because it is a lens of mine, I won't bless it, of course, but I'll still be closely looking at all new lenses of the day in order to find the gem that I can bless, more particularly because the Summer Fun neighbourhood I'm in charge is quite empty and it's really frustrating to not be able to bless anything when one is a Squid Angel.

So, if you created a lens worth of a Lens of the Day status, I might come to check it out and sprinkle some angel dust on it... 

Posted by Squidoo Lensmaster Prosperity66


I'm the Summer Fun Squid Angel and I'm Challenging You To Build a Bunch of Lenses!

It's been a while since my last post in this blog and I'm going to revive the blog because...

I'm the Summer Fun SquidAngel this time around. As a former angel, I already have an angel lens that I'm about to update so that I can let visitors know that I'm looking through Summer Fun categories for lenses worth to bless.

Summer's just round the corner and if you want to reach one of the top tiers and make plenty of sales, then I urge you to start thinking about building Summer related lenses.

Summer Fun sub categories are:
  • Summer Parties
  • Summer Vacation
  • 4th of July
  • Things to do this summer
  • Summer camps for kids
  • Summer Recipes
  • BBQ Recipes
  • Summer Drinks Recipes
However, summertime also includes a bunch of other holidays and occasions to celebrate:
  • Canada Day
  • Territory Day in British Virgin Islands
  • Heiva i Tahiti in French Polynesia
  • Flag Day in Curacao
  • Bastille Day in France
  • National Day in Belgium
  • Independance celebrations in Bahamas
  • Fisherman's Day in Marshall Islands
  • Confederation Day in Switzerland
And many more very special occasions.

There are sometimes up to 8 special days to celebrate per day during summertime, and you could build really interesting lenses about: 
  • The meaning or the history of these specific days, 
  • Tips to plan themed parties, 
  • Bake themed cakes, 
  • Prepare specific meals, 
  • Decorate the houses and yards, 
  • Craft and/or buy themed gifts, 
  • Create or buy greeting cards, 
  • Adapt local customs and traditions in order to organize parties, 
  • Buy and/or make costumes, and so on...
If you wish to get more ideas on topics to write about, you can get more info at

Naturally, summertime doesn't stop there! 

You can build lenses on the type of flowers, veggies or else to grow during summertime.

You can build lenses on: 
  • Summer sports
  • Summer flowers
  • How to grow summer flowers 
  • How to grow veggies in summertime
  • How to take care of your garden in summer
  • Where to find summertime sport clubs, 
  • 10 hottest places to stay in summertime, 
  • 10 worst places to stay in summertime
  • Best selling barbecues
  • Top 10 summer drinks
  • Top 10 summer salads
  • Top 10 summer soups
  • Top 10 summer... whatever you wish!

And the list goes on and on... it's almost endless!

So, are you still here? What are you waiting for? Go build lenses!

Enjoy your weekend!