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Do you like champagne? I do! When I was younger, I used to collect vintage alcohol and champagne posters, I had many of them hanged on the walls in my appartment. Vintage posters are always nice looking and therefore I liked Champagne and the Vintage French Art Poster made after those marvelous vintage poster ads. The title might be redundant as there's no other champagne than the French one - the French Controlled Term of Origin is the only one that has any value and any "sparkling" white wine that isn't produced in Champagne region is not champagne - but the overall layout is splendid, the lensmaster was very creative and has an eye for making a page attractive. I recommend a visit to their Absinth lens too.

Spring Flowers in my Garden by bakerwoman

I love garden and gardening, and even while I don't really love nor am proud of my own garden - that needs a lot of improvements - anything that is garden related is always delightful to me. So I liked this page a lot since it shows a lot of splendid pictures of flowers this lensmaster took in their own garden. In these pictures, I enjoyed looking at the geraniums; which absolutely don't look like those ugly ones I've had at one time, I also fell in love with those colored daisies, more particularly the blue ones. This lens allowed me to discover an Australian tea tree; which I didn't know that would exist and find splendid; the New Zealand one; which is white, is lovely too. And what about the Japanese cherry tree? Oh well, have a look, you won't be disappointed.

Crazy about Baseball by Wednesday_Elf

I don't like sports, any kind of sports, I've already said that. But once again, I found a page made by someone who really has a passion for something and I can appreciate any passion. So, I loved the page made by Wednesday_Elf and that relates to her passion for baseball. Instead of what many lensmasters do, this page is not one that features baseball related stuff for sale, like baseball themed cupcake toppers or Christmas tree decorations ; actually it's a relation of her passion, stories, pictures of her at baseball matches. This page hasn't been built to drive visitors but to share something Pat really enjoys in life. And this deserves a surge of visitors!

Who is Dhani Harrison by arncyn

How well do you know Dhani Harrison? As the Beatles' fan number one, I've heard about this singer but never really read anything related to his life. What a shame! But my lack of knowledge was balanced with this fantastic page built by lensmaster arncyn, a former angel, who's absent from Squidoo for the moment but is a wonderful lensmaster. Indeed, she's a designer expert and all her lenses are always crafted with perfection. Once again, she created something beautiful, entertaining and interesting. At least for any fan of the Beatles. And if you want to learn more about their children, there are two additional lenses that are surely going to get you stuck like glue!

Flan—Easy and Delicious by Ener-G
There's nothing like flan that reminds me of my childhood. Each weekday, at noon, we used to get back from school to my grandmother's home where we ate. Then back to school. Most of the time, we got homemade flan as dessert. My grandma was queen of homemade stuff, and she use to make her own flans, ice creams and so on. Flans were tasteful, especially with the caramel coat we added to it. And we would eat any meal - even those that we didn't like at all - for having the chance to get our flan dessert! I'm two left-handed when it comes to cooking and baking so I prefer to let you visit Ener-G's flan page to learn how to make your own homemade flans!



Squidoo Summer Sunshine Award

Squidoo has set up the Summer Sunshine Award. It's some kind of challenge in which your favorite charity can get $99 - and best of all, you too can get a $99 reward if your lens is chosen for an award.

I know that many lensmasters nominated their own lenses, however, I didn't yet. I mostly never vote for my own work but this time I might do so if we're allowed to nominate more than one lens. However, I already nominated one. 

So, I made my lens for the challenge and I run for Polar Bear International, as I usually do since my lenses are set up to give part of my earnings to this organization. Polar Bear International is an organization that supports the research for polar bear protection - you know, with global warming, polar bears have hard times to find a place to live and it's even harder for them to find food as ices are melting and the overexploitation of sea bed reduced the production of fishes.

Like you, I know polar bears do exist, I know that I could see them, whenever I want to - Kathy Mc Graw spoke about it in her comment on the lens -  but what about our grandchildren?  Or their children? Are they going to learn that polar bear existed in the past and just get information in books, like we already do for those species that human of which is responsible for the disappearance? I don't want to think my grand grand kids will see a pic of a polar bear and won't be able to see one for real.

Like you, I've been a child and got my own Teddy Bear - it's the most popular toy ever. I love him, I slept with him, I brought him everywhere and after a few years, he even lost an eye, got his head separated from his body - luckily my grandmother repaired it - and I kept it for many years. I even bought one for my son when he was a child, who in turn brought his Teddy Bear everywhere, and so on.

Therefore I mixed and linked Teddy Bear and Polar Bears and built a page on Squidoo for the Summer Sunshine Award. Plush Teddy Polar Bear is a page which aim is to get some more money to Polar Bear International. By voting for this page, you won't just do me a favour, but you're going to do a favour to Polar Bear International.

And when you'll head to this page, don't think of me, but think to your children and their own children, and the children of their children, and ask yourself what you want as future for them. Polar bears risk to disappear and after them... what will be the following one on the list?

While browsing SquidU, I found a thread where some lensmasters posted their own Summer Sunshine Award lens and here's a short list of those I already visited:

My Scrap-Paper Sketches, donating to First Book., donating to Displaced People Intl., donating to The Polly Klaas Foundation.

OhMe made a page where you can ask for adding your own Summer Sunshine Award lenses. Visit the page, add your comment, show your support! Thanks for charities and lensmasters whose dedication never fails! 

Wishing good luck to everyone and their favourite charity. 



Best Organic Gardening Tips

Did you ever wished to naturally produce vegetables, herbs, flowers and/or fruits? Supposing your response to this question is yes, then you have got on the appropriate site. Organic gardening is not only a trend, it is also a means to naturally and healthily produce those vegetables and fruits that you're going to consume while it enables you to not hurt the environment. Apart from those positive points, organic veggie, fruits and herbs are incredibly savory. Definition of Organic Gardening: Organic gardening is the science and art of producing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants by complying to the fundamental precepts of organic agriculture in soil building and preservation, pest management, and heirloom variety saving. Best Organic Gardening Tips Posted by Squidoo Lensmaster Prosperity66


What's going on on SquidU?

After my controversial post in SquidU forum, and because my reasons for writing it were for real: I didn't feel fine in SquidU any more, I logged out the forum and don't go there any more, except when I monitor important announcements. Luckily for me as it seems that the forum was taken over by some angels that seem to rule it now and I definitely wouldn't feel as fine as I did in the past.

It's a pity because it was a pleasant place where I liked talking this and that with lensmasters, whether they share my opinions or not.

I've always considered myself as being unpopular in Squidoo and SquidU because I always frankly express my thoughts, even as a Squid Angel, I wasn't that popular. I've also often been mistunderstood or even accused of claiming things which I have never written, more particularly regarding plagiarism and duplicate content, where I stated that I don't systematically consider that everyone who has content found elsewhere on their lens did steal it and that I mostly leave the benefit of the doubt in case it justifies.

So no wonder why I was massively attacked when I wrote this controversial post regarding my thoughts about SquidU, Squidoo and the angel program. Strangely, reactions were agressive although when other lensmasters attacked my fellow Angel Kathy McGraw in the first 2010 term, reactions were less vindictive. Hm... More food for thoughts.

This being said, I know for a fact that I wasn't wrong and I'm happy to not go there as often as I used to do. This allows me to not get stressed for nothing and in addition, I can focus on the new website that I create with two pals.

However, I'd like you to know that I transferred the Easy Guestbook Tutorial lens to WordCustard, in hope that this lens will get more visitors than it used to have when it was lying in my account. I'm pretty sure that this very skilled lensmaster and wonderful Squid Angel will take care of this lens. And as a matter of fact, she was one of the co-author of this page that should have been built with the Squidoo Tips template (my mistake, I'm sorry for this). So, if you want to learn how to make your guestbook search engine friendly, the Easy Guestbook Tutorial is the place to go.

Promised, next week I'll post the remaining lenses that I blessed in March.