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Meet Eleanor, Queen of France and England

It seems that I'm more productive than I was those last months - I think it's probably the effect of having been an angel and been overbusy for three whole months and then having nothing else but my work to do each day.

Never mind... I created a brand new lens today.

This one is an account of the life of one of the most interesting women in the history: Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Born in the medieval period, when women didn't have as many rights as those we have nowadays, duchess of Aquitaine at 15, princess of France by marriage the same year and crowned queen of France in the end of the very same year, Eleanor of Aquitaine never agreed to obey her husband.

She was also one of the first women to receive divorce authorization from the Pope.

She got married a second time, because she fell in love with a man and two years later, became queen of England. Because she didn't like life in England, she often travelled to France and created one of the most famous courts ever: the Courts of Love.

I invite you to read the story of this wonderful woman who used to sign "Eleanor, queen of England by the anger of God!"


Ideas for Sailor Halloween Costumes

Halloween is quickly coming - after all, we're already at the end of July and there are only three months left before starting the Halloween fun!

Therefore, it's time for you to make a decision on the kind of costume you're going to wear this Halloween party.

If you think it's easy to select the right/perfect Halloween costume that will make you stand out from the crowd, you're wrong as there are so many options that you might find yourself completely lost!

This is the reason why I selected a few perfect sailor Halloween costume ideas; all included costumes, from Popeye, the sailor man to Olive Oyl, his thiny girlfriend, to classic sailor costumes, will help you wear the best Halloween costume on your upcoming Halloween party!

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Most Beautiful Cupcake Tier Designs

Not long ago I discovered that cupcakes weren't made out of plastic or styrofoam or any other artificial or chemical material and was delighted by those cute small cakes showing exquisite decorations.

Indeed, to me, those bakers (or moms who bake and decorate cupcakes with love) are skilled artists as I think it's harder to make a piece of art work with food than with a pencil.

This is the reason why I wanted to feature the most beautiful cupcake tier designs I've found on the Web during my research about what cupcakes are made out of...

I've already got a blessing for this lens and it's also very popular. I'm impressed... who would have known that beautifully decorated tiered cupcakes would have such success... I wouldn't...

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What are Cupcakes?

Would you believe that I didn't know what cupcakes were? Hm... this is very annoying as it is the plain naked truth! I was that ignorant!

Until lensmaster RMS (Robin, one of our Giant community organizers) launched her brand new Cupcake Club on Squidoo.

The first cupcake lens I've read is also one I blessed at the time I was a Squidangel: Flynn the Cat's invisible cupcake decorations. Well, this lens taught me that cupcakes were decorative items - but this was something I knew.

Then, not so long ago, there was a discussion in the forum because too few lensmasters create pages for the new clubs. This is where I decided to visit the cupcake club and learnt that cupcakes are something more than plastic or foam decorations. 

What about you? Learn more at my quest about what are cupcakes.  

Posted by Squidoo Lensmaster Prosperity66


Best Family Vacation Destinations in Europe

Are you searching for beach family vacation destinations in an European country? Here you'll obtain a list of hot family friendly holiday resorts in Spain, Italy, Greece and France. I don't travel a lot. But I like to go to Spain because and Great Britain. I saw Italy when I was younger and actually loved it. France is the country next door to mine, this makes not far to go even for a few hours. And I've always wanted to visit Greek Islands; which look like gems. Sadly, I've never been on holidays in Greece but my parents and some other family relatives chose Greece as their vacation destination few years ago and came back with a lot of memories they shared with me. I know those places for being family friendly vacation destinations and I'm about to share what I know about them with you. Best Family Vacation Destinations in Europe

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