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Halloween Clips, Videos and Sound Effects

I built a Best Halloween Ideas collection on Squidoo last year and, while I had only 7 or 8 Halloween lenses, I earned some nice income during the holiday season.

This year, I built the missing elements to my Halloween Ideas and started with a few crafts to make at home along with the kids as well as completed the tips to host the best Halloween party ever. 

Halloween clips, videos and sound effects will guide you through the setting of the Halloween mood into your house when you prepare your Halloween party. The page covers three categories of chilling sounds, songs and ambiance so that you set up the frightening mood in your living room.

The first one is the easy option to buy some CDs and DVDs so that you just have to play them at the party. The second choice is to make your own Halloween sound effects with a recorder. The last choice is to set up a play list with the best Halloween-ish clips, videos and tunes. 

Is there a best way to dress in the best Halloween costume without an appropriate makeup?

Whether you want to feature a vampire or a witch, or your kids dress in fairy or animal costume, you want their and your own to be the most beautiful costume of your entire neighbourhood!

Hm... How to make a perfect dog face paint? Or a cat face paint? How to make a witch face paint for Halloween or even a vampire one?  If you're like me and need guidelines as well as pictures or videos, then you're going to find the best and easiest Halloween face paint in WordCustard's face paint collection of lenses!

She listed her best Face Painting examples in a lens which will give you detailed instructions on how to make a perfect Halloween face paint.  

If you're looking for ideas to celebrate Halloween while preserving the environment or celebrate Halloween the natural way, you'll surely like to pay How to Green your Halloween a visit!

And whenever you're looking for more Halloween ideas on Squidoo, I suggest to head to the SquidBlast, hosted by Bonnie, our Giant community organizer.