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An Angel on Squidoo Blessed these Lenses on Friday

Lens Workshop Addon for Firefox, by lensmaster thefluffanutta
One of the big advantages most lensmasters have is that they downloaded and installed the Lens Workshop Addon for Firefox. Why is it an important tool for anyone who builds Squidoo Lenses? Actually, it does give us access to an improved dashboard with features such as lens pinging right after publishing our lenses, colored tag editor to let us know which of our chosen tags are researched, extra widgets/modules feature in side bar, direct link to any module in current workshop, login directly from Squidoo to SquidUtils, and much more.

The Highly Sensitive Person, by lensmaster Addaptabilities
Addy is a highly sensitive person - and so do many other people out there - so, if you want to learn more about what does hurt highly sensitive people, I suggest you to read this page! You'll understand how one can react to cats, dogs, perfumes - yes, people can develop allergies to perfumes - and you'll even learn that some persons can't watch a violent movie and certainly not a horror movie!

Melted Fabrics Craft Challenge Eighteen: Houses and Homes, by lensmaster MeltedRachel
Oh this one is the kind of pages that reminds me memories from my childhood and make me want to be a child again! MeltedRachel teaches their readers how to create a house themed landscape with... fabrics! Whenever you're able to cut fabric, sew them all together and come up with a nice tapestry made out of used fabrics - or even brand new that you bought just for craft prupose - you'll be proud of your achievement! And if you need a tutorial, go visit MeltedRachel's page.

The Best Music For Valentine's Day, by lensmaster Waxing-Lyrical
Here's a lens made by a Fresh Squid - Waxing-Lyrical is new to Squidoo even if his significant one is an experienced lensmaster. And for a beginner, he learned quickly how to build a good lens! So, I blessed his Valentine's day music one. Not only because he features Serge Gainsbourg's most popular and sensual song "Je t'aime moi non plus" but because he features most of my favorite songs ever and he did it very well!

Berlin, the capital of Germany, by lensmaster Ulla Hennig
Ulla is German and the first time I reviewed her Squidoo pages, she was so overwhelmed by my "critiques" that I'm pretty sure she hatred me for a few minutes. Actually, I saw a real potential into Ulla's lenses that she didn't exploit entirely. Here's the first page I reviewed for her few months ago. And now that I'm an Angel on Squidoo, I could bless this fantastic piece of work! So, if you're curious about discovering Berlin and its beauties, I invite you to travel to Ulla's creation! And if you fall into Culture and Art categories, you'll love ALL Ulla's pages!

Animals in the Alps of Europe, by lensmaster WordCustard
Our little green smiling pear did it again! She produced an exquisite page on the different species of animals that live in the European Alps. Whether the Alpine marmot, the red squirrel, the brown hare, the dormouse or the chamois, you're about to discover the top 10 animals in the Alps of Europe! Along with fantastic pictures, you're also learning something about these nice animals. The little green pear is about to become the Queen of European Mountain Chains!

Who is J.D. Salinger, Why Was He A Recluse? by lensmaster LoKackl
If you know me, you're aware that I'm not politically correct and that I'll never say what you'd like to hear when I must say what you NEED to hear. And so am I when it comes to exploitation of the dead people. I mean, I wouldn't have made a single page about Michael Jackson when he died, even if I knew this page would have earned me a lot of money. I'm respectful of the dead and only want them rest in peace. Salinger died last week and, while normally I wouldn't have spoken about the page I'm referring to, I have to say that, instead of being blatant exploitation, the page that is dedicated to JD Salinger is well done and more important, it's sober.

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Angel on Squidoo isn't Easy Task...

I haven't posted for some days because I was very busy in my private life - I'm sorry for this. However, I also have to say that it wasn't easy to find blessworthy lenses. Anyway, I found a few ones and here they are.

The Best Squidoo Lens NOT To Do, by lensmaster GrowWear
Whether you're a fresh Squid, an experienced one or you plan to become a new Squid, you owe yourself to visit this page that tells you what not to do when building a Squidoo lens! In addition, you'll have a lot of fun because the page is built in an humourous way so you're going to learn what not to do but will roll on the floor at the same time! The way GrowWear built this page can have you think they're trying to sell you something - no, not trying, they want you to buy their product! Actually, the lens doesn't include any product, it's just to show you how harrassing sales pages can be.

Make Web Visitors Stay Longer, by lensmaster Cinetech
Still in the How-to Squidoo, this page teaches you how to make your visitors stay longer on your Squidoo page. A heatmap will show you the most important areas your reader does actually read and stays on, a module that relates to keywords will teach you how to craft your tag section as well as how to create your module titles and subtitles, you're also going to learn how to write a lens that will stick your readers and have them come back over and over again, and much more. Do yourself a favour and go visit Make Web Visitors Stay Longer!

Beginner's guide: embellishing crazy patchwork, by lensmaster JanTUB
This page is of a more trivia topic but still is a subject that I appreciate. Well, during the Winter - which are long here - I don't like anything more than to spend a peaceful evening in the living room, sitting or lying in the sofa, a blanket on me, watching TV or reading a book. However, blankets aren't always as beautiful as I'd like and the one that I definitely would like to have in the living room for my guests to see it and want to get the same, is a patchwork blanket! Unfortunately, I have two left hands and I'm unable to make such piece of artwork. If you too like patchwork but are more skilled than I am, I advise you to visit this page. You'll learn how to embellish your first homemade piece of patchwork!

Epic Farms Donations, by lensmaster 24websurf
Lensmaster Holley built a page on a very nice and generous project: a place where people do save horses. She also introduces Lady, Shadow, Champ and Cinnamon, four marvelous horses that live in this farm and seem to be happy to have find a place to spend the rest of their life. In Epic Farms Donations, you'll also learn more about the project and the person behind this generous project.

All Hail the Underappreciated Caregiver! by lensmaster pilegirl
I'm fond of history and naturally, I've read a lot of books about traditions - even those in average families. Until the 20th century, families used to live in the same home. Grand parents, parents, children... While parents would go out to work, grand parents took care of the children. In return, parents took care of the grand parents as they used to feed them and allow them to live in their home. It was something natural and nobody would have think to send their parents in a retirement home! However, with the advent of modern times, the tradition disappeared and nowadays, adult children leave the parental home, built a new life somewhere else and whenever their parents got disabled, they're sent in a retirement home. Lensmaster pilegirl built a page that walks you through her choice: the one of taking care of her mother. This page is a come back to those simpler times, when everyone would lend a hand to those who needed help, affection and attention.

Land of The Littles: Getting To Know Parrotlets, by lensmaster wilddove6
The lens has been written by Nemo, a parrotlet ;) It's a guide that walks you through the do's and don'ts whenever you plan to get a parrotlet. It is well written, entertaining while being a real guide. The page displays also many nice pictures - oh, I'd like to have a parrot! It does also remind me the time when my aunt had a parrot and the one sentence he would know: "William! Walk the dog!" We never heard the parrot saying anything else... Land of the Littles is the page anyone who likes parrots does need to read!


Guest-star: Message of Love - Hearts 4 Haiti, by lensmaster A_Willow
Michelle Willow did it again! she created a page to showcase the creations of a Zazzle group of artists who sell these exquisite designs in order to raise funds for  Hope for Haiti. So, if you want to give to Haïti, go to Michelle's page and buy a few items, you'll be happy to have find these nice stickers or buttons and someone in Haïti will be happy you did.

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What Did your Angel Like Yesterday?

Cheesy Potato Recipes, by lensmaster Hayleylou
Are you hungry yet? Do you like potatoes? What about cooking cheesy potatoes today? Ok, cheddar isn't a cheese I would use for such a recipe but in all honesty, I didn't try the recipe lensmaster Hayleylou did write. So, I can't state whether it is tasteful with cheddar or would be better if one used emmenthal or gruyer - here in Europe we use those cheeses for sauces, gratins, etc. But the recipe looks and does sound yummy, the pictures are attractive and I love chessy potatoes! So if you too like them, go visit Cheesy Potato Recipes - you'll be amazed by the way Hayleylou laid the page out!

Peace Sign Bedroom Decor, by lensmaster GroovyFinds
If you're planning to make some improvements in your children's bedrooms or if you're looking for new bedlinen for kids and teenagers, you've come to the right place! Bright colors, generous and lovely message, wonderful sign that one used since a long time now, peace sign bedroom decor will please you along the way! Lensmaster GroovyFinds not only found a bunch of wonderful items that would fit any young people's bedroom but the page is also highly attractive in itself.

What I learnt looking through a camera lens!, by lensmaster Candeece
I don't know if this person is an experienced lensmaster but after having checked their lensmaster profile, I noticed they joined not so long ago and only built 8 Squidoo pages. But the one I'm going to present here is a fantastic page! It does teach basic photographic rules, techniques, presents the best cameras to use if you want to get perfect pictures and also displays a bunch of splendid photographs!

My Family Crest, by lensmaster d-artist
Lensmaster d-artist is a baroness and walks you through the story that led to her great great grand father's ennoblement. In this page, you'll learn what he did, how was his life, you'll have an example of their coat of arms, the explanations about the figures that lie on the coat of arms, and much more. It's pure history of a real noble family. A must read for anyone who's interested in history of families!

...And the Ladies of the Club, by lensmaster Stazjia
It is a review of a book named "... And the Ladies of the Club", written by Helen Hooven Santmyer. The story begins three years after the end of the American civil war and covers a period of 60+ years of a family. This also covers the creation of the Waynesboro Women's Club; which is, I presume, a club strictly reserved to women, just like I saw in TV series Dallas with the fictional club "the Daughters of Alamo" (I don't think we have such clubs here - not sure though). Well, from what I've discovered in this page, I'd like to read this book and probably will find a way to get it in a French version if available. So, if you like to read, if 1200 pages don't appear too much, I advise you to go reading Stazjia's review.

Gangs of Haïti, by lensmaster newbizmau
Well we're all aware of what is currently facing the Haïti Island and their inhabitants. We all know that banana republics aren't the best places to live for their natives. What we may ignore is that, while TV's are showing the results of the disaster, gangs sow disorder in the country, as if it wasn't enough that people don't have shelter, or food... This page will open your eyes to the hidden parts of an iceberg called Haiti.

I love my Lumix LX3 digital camera, by lensmaster arncyn
If you're looking for a nice Valentine's Day gift idea for your beloved one, Cynthia Arre just put together a nice page on how much she does love her Lumix LX3 digital camera. Panasonic being my favorite High Tech brand, I can't do anything else that recommending this great page! Not only will you learn the benefits of having such camera, but you'll also be delighted by her amazing pictures as Cynthia is an artist! Enjoy.

Are you a Stay at Home Mom (or Dad) Interested in Earning a Monthly Income? by lensmaster Janet21
Janet21 is probably the most successful Squidoo lensmaster out there! So, if you follow her suggestions and recommendations, you're probably going to earn some money on Squidoo and/or in any of your online ventures. But this page does focus on how to make money with Squidoo and, more important, does Squidoo really earn you money!

7-up Cake Recipes, by lensmaster naturegirl7
7-up... like the beverage? I did - at the time it was available in my country. Although I don't know whether stores still sell this product or not, I don't find it since a long time at the supermarket. But one thing that I ignored (eh, I'm European...) is that Americans did add 7-up into their cake! So if you'd like to discover the cake recipes that include 7-up, you've come to the perfect place! Naturegirl7 baked a very attractive page for you!

Tea Bag Folding and Pattern Instructions, by lensmaster paperfacets
From what I can read in this page, it seems that tea bag folding are similar to Origami... Well, let's see if it's true! Well, I'm not a patient person and in all honesty, Origami isn't for me. But I really enjoy looking at all those marvelous crafts! And you'll also enjoy the step-by-step tutorial on how to make it! Moreover, paperfacets displays many fantastic items!

Are You Polar Bear Aware? by lensmaster Frankster
Are you interested in Polar Bears? Did you know that portion of my Squidoo earnings are set to donate to Polar Bear International? I love Polar bears! I know that they aren't as sweet as the Teddy Bear I had when I was a child but they're definitely beautiful animals! In this page, lensmaster Frankster invites you to discover your polar bear awareness quotient. I blessed, rated and favorited this page so that I can get back over and over again! And you should too ;)

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Weekend Blessings from an Angel on Squidoo

Weekends are made to get relaxed with family and friends, we are supposed to not work, just have fun and have some rest ; however, Squids do actually work during the weekends and that means Angels on Squidoo do also work. That's what I did!  

Beautiful Ornate Antique Mirrors, by lensmaster My-O-My
I love history and thus, anything antique is pleasure to me! Lensmaster My-O-My built another fantastic page, and this one relates to antique mirrors. The very first time I discovered this Squid, he produced a nice page on handbags - and I asked blessings for his work. Now that I'm an Angel on Squidoo I have the opportunity to bless his work myself and that is what I did with his wonderful page that includes overmantel mirrors, full length dressing mirrors, chinese mirrors, and even 12th and 13th centuries mirrors! 

Vincent Van Gogh, by lensmaster SMay967 
In this lens, you'll find a shortened version of Vincent Van Gogh biography along with his most famous quotes and a nice list of his paintings. This precious Squidoo page is some kind of Vincent Van Vogh gallery that any art lover will enjoy. The lensmaster is quite new and produced a very nice first page!

On Poetry Interpretation, by lensmaster Kylyssa 
Once again, Kylyssa has done it! She built a great page on a topic that anyone can discuss about: poetry. Whether you like or dislike poetry, whether you don't mind or love it with a passion, you'll have an opinion: do you have to interpret poetry to enjoy it? I would say that everyone would interpret in the way they like best - however, do specialists agree? Do YOU agree? Go to Kylyssa's page and enter the debate.

My Female Manga Art and Stuff, by lensmaster ola818 
My son is a fan of Mangas and draws manga characters all day long! Just like him, this lensmaster also draws Manga characters but since she's a girl, she focuses on female manga drawings. And she does very well! She displays her best manga drawings on a Squidoo page she built recently and it's definitely a great one. So, if you too like Mangas, you'll love ola818's page. 

Gardening for kids, by lensmaster mxwriter I do have a garden and like gardening activities. When my son was younger he did enjoy gardening with me. Now that he's almost 18, he doesn't want to get in the garden any more - afraid that I would ask him to do some work, lol. So, when I saw mxwriter's page, I liked it right away! He put together reviews of books on gardening for kids and it's a pleasure to read their writings. Gardening for kids page is actually a shopping one but it's a very well done Squidoo page and I definitely like it! I think you'll do too. 

Cape Cod Ocean Front Property, by lensmaster pds523 
Are you looking for a property in Cape Cod? Would like to enjoy a ocean front home? Or do you dream of water activities such as boating? You've come to the right place! Cape Cod always fascinated me as it looks to me like this famous American dream that Europeans talk about. This is the reason why I loved this page. Not only it is really well done, well crafted, but the lensmaster also displays nice pictures - that made me dream a little bit more if possible - however, over the fantastic ocean front properties, I found a way to fall in love with quaint cottages in Menemsha (oh well, now you know the kind of home I like). 

Hardy House Plants, by lensmaster ElizabethJeanAllen 
I love gardening... and if I love gardening, I love plants. Ok, I have to never touch my plants - those that are in the inside of my home because I don't have "green fingers" and whenever I take care of them, they die. So, I just give them some water and let them live their life alone, believe me, they are healthy! So, since I love plants, I loved ElizabethJeanAllen's page on Squidoo. She did a great job on this page that now looks like a magazine and that's the way I like Squidoo pages. In this page, you'll find extensive information about African violets, christmas cacti, philodendron and much more! 

The Discworld Characters, by lensmaster trotter2099
Blessings also go to lensmaster trotter2099 for the page they built on the Discoworld characters, based on the novels written by Terry Pratchett. I knew nothing about them before going to the page, then I learned a lot of things by reading it. I blessed the lens because it's very well done and I know the lensmaster spent many hours crafting the lens. So, I wanted to pay homage to their focus and hard work. 

Facts about Dolphins, by lensmaster teacher2
If you are like me and like dolphins, you're going to enjoy reading Facts about Dolphins! Not only this page will bring you join but it will also teach you a bunch of facts about dolphins, like the different species, their brain, the differences between dolphins and wales, and much more!


Running for charity, by lensmaster MarcMooney 
Weekend special blessings go to running for charity by lensmaster Marc Mooney! He talks through his marathon challenge, he chose to run for BREAST CANCER CARE and this page is an account of his story. So, if you too like to run for charity or want to learn more about it, go read this page, it's a must. 


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So Many Blessed Squidoo Pages, only 24 Hours in a Day to Talk about Them

Over the last 48 hours, I blessed a bunch of Squidoo pages - unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to showcase them all so, I'm going to present a first collection of them and over the next few days, introduce some of the remaining ones in the next posts.

The first Squidoo page I'm going to talk through is one that would teach you how to build a great poster page on Squidoo. It's built by lensmaster WordCustard, a Giant, and is their first poster only page. Well poster only? I'm not sure as WordCustard added texts to present their favorite Mountain posters. Top 20 Mountain Images from Around the World displays the most beautiful mountains in the world, such as Rocky Mountains (Banff National Park), Summit of Nevadao Quitaraju, Alpine Mountain Range, Switzerland, Table Mountain (my favorite ones). So if you like mountains and would like to get some mountain images for your home, you'll find what you need in this page. And you want to see more, WordCustard is getting this main page some siblings. Enjoy :)

Wall Planters Add Charm, by lensmaster Ladydove62. I am a great fan of iron, wood and stone artworks. So, when art and iron, wood and stone meet each other, you'll find me smiling and excited; while you'll see my wallet or my bank card - or both - running away! And so, I was smiling and got excited when I saw this page. I love plants, I love my garden and am looking for ways to decorate both the garden and the patio with plants and was just thinking of buying a wall planter but was unable to made decision on the kind of wall planter I'd like best. Well, now, I'm more undecided but so happy! Indeed, wall planters add charm and style to your home/patio/garden and if you too are looking for ways to embellish these places, you owe to yourself to have a visit to this page! By the way, has anyone seen my bank card, please?

Promising Lensmasters for 2010, by lensmaster SusannaDuffy. This lensmaster built a page that pays homage to the most promising lensmasters of the year 2010. Each Squidoo member listed in this page have built whether one or more great pages on Squidoo while being beginners. If you would like to learn more about them and their work, I suggest you to go to Susanna's page and leave a comment - both the author and the featured lensmasters will be thankful!

Organic Baby Toys, by lensmaster TheGreenerMe. Another Mrs Green on Squidoo ;) She put together a page that relates to the new trend of the century: green toys. When my son was a baby, I wasn't a big fan of fabric toys - mostly because we had a dog and that fabric could get caught by the dog and then my son would have played with the toy and... oh! No. But I always was fan of fabric toys because I find them beautiful and I'm also very nostalgic of those times that we call "simpler". In addition, I'm crazy about wooden toys! Looking for safe toys for babies? Go to Organic Baby Toys, you'll find wonderful safe and green toys to get your baby!

Butterflies gifts-150 choices, by lensmaster Sema
It's the very first time I see Sema's lenses and I definitely loved this collection of exquisite butterfly themed creations on Zazzle! If you too like butterflies and would like to discover the products Sema does sell on Zazzle, I suggest you to go visit her lens, it's delightful and will bring a little Spring dust to your life.

Romantic Gifts: Fairies, Not Flowers, by lensmaster GrannySage
Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and, by the way, time has come to go get your next Valentines gift to get your significant one. So, if you're looking for ideas for unusual romantic gifts to get your sweet heart, have a look at Grannysage page, she gathered exquisite gift fairies for this very special occasion.

Compost Drum Reviews for Organic Gardening Compost, by lensmaster Yochana.
Spring time is slowly approaching and, by the way, time will come to start thinking to prepare the garden for the Summer - at least here, as I plan to host a few barbecue parties if the weather does allow it. There is also something you should have prepared last Fall but can keep doing: compost for the vegetable garden! Ouch! I forgot! Aaaaargh! Ok so I need a composter! What kind of composter will I get? How to choose? What to choose? Well, if you're like me, go visit Yochana's page, he's reviewing some composters just for you: clearly written, overview, how it works, personal advice... it's a great resource for any gardener!

Waltzing Matilda- Aussies National Song, by lensmaster Skiesgreen.
Skiesgreen is a very prolific lensmaster - especially on the subject of Australia! She's the kind of real author who doesn't build selling pages. She's some kind of encyclopedia, lol. And so, I really like her Aussie collection. I blessed Waltzing Matilda because it's well written, well done and I liked to learn more about the Australian National Anthem. If you too want to learn more about this song, I invite you to visit Waltzing Matilda - Aussies National Song and, while you're there, read her other Australian pages, you won't regret the journey :)

Gateway Gallery St.Louis, by lensmaster GroovyFinds
I discovered this page in the Art section. I definitely fell in love with all I saw displayed on the page and thought I had to share with you! Hope you'll like as much as I did! In Gateway Gallery St Louis, you'll find an interview with Vic Barr and an amazing collection of paintings that made me think for some of them to Renoir. If you like art, I recommend this page!

How to make real bread, by lensmaster mariatjader.
How to make real bread is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make homemade bread. Nothing original? Well, indeed, what can I write that would be original when it comes to basic food - I mean we always found bread on any table: whether the poor or the rich. Did you know that the lack of bread entailed a bloody revolution? It is to say for what a point bread is important! And today we are not far from the disorders engendered by the lack of flour, their price that increases every day and make bread, a basic and non expensive aliment, cost too much. Thus, if you want to mitigate the lack of bread which threatens us, learn to make it yourself :)


I'm not the kind of person who would share her personal/intimate stories with the Web, I'm also not really interested in visiting a victim's home; not because my hear is cold but because I don't want anyone enter my private environment (personal stories) and because I want victims rest in peace without merchandizing based on their stories.

But I wanted to bless these lenses for the homage they pay and because they touched my heart.

Living With Leukemia (Leukaemia), by lensmaster Waxing-Lyrical, who writes his wife's story and fight against leukemia.

Our Visit To Anne Frank's House, by lensmaster Treasures-by-Brenda, that is an account of Brenda and her family who visited Anne Frank's house.

I would also like to greet the actions of Miep Gies ; I've read some of her books long ago and she became one of my heroes. Miep Gies passed away on January 11th 2010.

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Wednesday January 20th, Blessings from an Angel

Are you fan of games to play at a family reunion? Do you too like these games from those simpler times, the games that everyone would enjoy? Board Games, Card Games, Jigsaw Puzzles by lensmaster Wednesday_Elf lists the best party games for family gatherings or simply, games that you can play when TV doesn't broadcast any interesting program, and that will make you spend a great night with hubby and the kids. From Scrabble to Jigsaw Puzzles, you will re-discover the games you loves so much! 

Local Knows Best, by lensmaster silverhusky is an international project; which purpose is to have you discover lensmasters home towns. The lens already includes a module on Flagstaff, one on Louisiana, one on Hampshire (UK), one on Laiden (NL) another one - mine - on Brussels (BE), on Sonora (CA)... All lensmasters are welcome to visit, leave a link to their own local lens so that the whole wide world gets to know where we all are from!

Another great lens I blessed yesterday is one that relates to the US Southern Route: "Planning a US Road Trip: The Southern Route". I've always heard about the famous Route 66 that goes from Hudson River to California but never seen it in reality, of course - I'm not a globe trotter or even a simple traveler. But I even didn't know that the Southern Route could exist. During my trip on this page, I discovered fantastic landscapes as well as a bunch of interesting links to useful resources on the subject! With this Travel I-10 page, lensmaster Kiwisoutback did a great job!

While having read three books about plantations in the US, I didn't know there would be haunted plantations in America. This might be interesting to visit such plantation, don't you think so? Lensmaster andreaberrios built a page on America most haunted plantations, you'll not only read very interesting accounts but also see some pictures... I enjoyed every minute spent on the page and plan to get back to it as soon as I finish this post!

As I said previously, I'm not a globe-trotter but France is near my country, and the Pays de Loire is not so far from my home town. Since I'm fond of French History and study it since my early childhood, I couldn't do else than recommending this fantastic Squidoo page dedicated to the top 10 Châteaux de la Loire. You'll discover Chenonceaux, Chambord, Ussé and many other legendary castles of France. This is a MUST see page on Squidoo, created by lensmaster Janices7.

Seems that for someon who doesn't like to move from their home town, I traveled a lot yesterday! I love lemon, I love sip a tiny glass liquor in the evening while watching a movie or after a family gathering dinner. When lemon and liquor meet each other, it does become Limoncello. And Limoncello is an Italian speciality. Lensmaster KimGiancaterino built a fantastic page dedicated to Italian Limoncello, Limoncello di Capri - not only will you discover the story behind this liquor but you'll also discover Capri, the town here this Limonchello was born! All I can say is follow Kim in her journey in Italy, you'l love it as much as I do and will get back over and over again!

I blessed a promising lens from a promising lensmaster this morning and would like to feature it on my blog. Colorado Vacation: Sea level to 14,000 feet is lensmaster DeborahLynne's very first lens and, for sure, a very well done page that relates to the Colorado Mountains. I don't like mountains but just like lensmaster WordCustard did with her Alps series, DeborahLynne makes me like mountains... 

Let's Stop Polluting the Ocean, by lensmaster Kimmanleyort. While blue, this page is a green one, an eco-friendly message, some kind of protect the environment claim agains plastic bottled water. Kim details very well what plastic bottles do become after use and why you should avoid using them! Indeed, she's right - but could we live without platic? For instance, in my country, we have a garbage service that gathers plastic, Tetrapack and aluminium items twice a month - just place the bags in the street, they'll take them away, then these bags full of plastic and non organic garbage is sent to recycling companies that recycle them - they create a bunch of things. But indeed, how big is that garbage bag? On the assumption the service comes to an end, what are we going to do with our plastic, aluminium and other items? Kim's lens is interesting as it does ask the right question... 

Today's guest star - that I blessed - is Making Sense of Monotropism
built by lensmaster KarenTBTEN. 
This is a fantastic testimony and thus real story that you owe yourself to read.

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How Many Lenses Did I Bless Yesterday?

The first Squidoo lens I'm going to present was made by a fresh Squid, it's their second lens! And for a second lens, it's really well done! Top Valentine's Day Ideas for Couples, built by lensmaster Sach411 is a really nice resource for anyone looking for creative valentine's day ideas for couples! Yep, this is couple related! So if you looking for things to do the two of you on Valentine's Day, I suggest you to take an eye one this lens. Not only it is well done but also interactive, so that you can take part to the party! 

The second one was built by lensmaster MeltedRachel a lensmaster of the Giant 100 club. Searching For Images is a lens that is entire part of the Squidoo tips and will be highy useful to any new and/or experienced Squid that is researching royalty free images for use on websites to illustrate their Squidoo lens. This page teaches how to use images, how to display them - along with css and html codes - and how to properly credit their actual author. A must see lens!

Turbo Chicken Recipes, created by lensmaster arncyn is a fantastic lens that showcases a bunch of quick easy chicken recipes that you can do in a terrific oven: the Turbo Oven! Er... my sister is a great cook and does have such oven at home. She only cooks in it and never uses her standard oven any more as she's really happy with the Turbo one. In addition, I definitely like chicken, it's so tasteful and easy to cook! So, I couldn't do anything but suggest you to visit this lens!

I'm not really aware of the American laws regarding cars and guarantees... but I really appreciated to read Dagsmith's lens Can you Return a Car? Actually, I live in Belgium and my uncle returned a car - because he was fed up with all the things that never worked properly and had to constantly bring the car to the seller to fix the problems, even while the car was covered by the guarantee. So, do you also want if you can return a car?

An artist is born! I just went to Artist Connie Ashlyn lens, that was built by lensmaster Jewelsofawe. Connie Ashlyn is her daughter and as a mother of an artist, myself, I was amazed by the quality of the drawings I discovered there! In addition, Pat took the step that I never did for my son's creations: she entered the drawings in her Zazzle store! Is this young girl about to enter the names of famous artists list? Well, you decide...  

Valentines Day Flower Vases, by lensmaster Joan_4. It's the first time that I'm unable to make decision whether I prefer this item or that item. Believe me, I'm a person that never gets satisfied, whether, with others work or idea or mine! Hard to find my own work nice... So, when it comes to shopping lenses that I'm not a fan of, I always find THE thing that I like over all others. But this time, I'm puzzled! Joan put together a fantastic collection of vases and I didn't choose one... I symply can't!

Do you have a garden? Whenever you have one, you probably faced the moss problem. I face it on the walkway of my garden; which I have to clean twice a month during the Spring and Summer times! This drives me crazy! Moss is one of those multiple awful things that you can find in a garden and systematically make it look ugly! Lensmaster EditionH just put together a page that teaches how to get rid of moss in your lawn. If you too face the same problem, I suggest you to have  a look as the gardening season is quickly approaching!

Living in the countryside or in a forest or in a desert place... what a pleasure! I've always dreamed of having a cabin in the Ardens (Belgium) but finally bought a ready-made house in the countryside, lol. Not really the same but at least, I have a garden and I don't live in a town any more. But this is not the point of this post. Actually, I'd like to showcase lensmaster steveffeo's cabin related lens that gives a bunch of useful resources on how to build a cabin! Just hope that you're not like me: two left handed, lol.

See you next time for a new shot of blessworthy lenses!

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What Did this Angel Like on Squidoo?

Scan of a Valentine greeting postcard circa 1900.Image via Wikipedia

I didn't post yesterday because I was busy browsings Squidoo pages looking for nice lenses to bless but also because I worked hard building my last Valentine's day page. Eh, while I had pages for V-Day activities, symbols, parties along with gifts for women, I didn't build a page with gifts for men. Error corrected: I built Original Valentines Gift for a Man; which lists men's hot gifts this year

So, what did I like yesterday? Here you are :)

The very first Squidoo page I want to talk about is the one built by lensmaster Kylyssa, a page that gives a really nice list of charities. Oh, charity? Yep... but not the kind of charity you might think. In Atheist Charities, she walks you through a huge number of charities that were born in the name of nobody, just by people who want to help others, with their heart and soul and not because God or any other invisible entity told them to do so! I suggest you to have a visit to this fantastic page, especially if you're tired to give to religious charities and want to learn more about what Atheist Charities do for those in need.

Lensmaster LivingInParis created a page named French R&B. While this is the kind of music I hate with a passion - both English, French or in any other language - I was delighted with her page. This very skilled person details a list of R&B singers that perform their favorite style of "music" in French. After all, I'm a French-speaker, uh! In this page, you'll find information about Hocus Pocus, Seryfa Luna, and many more! Yes, I blessed this page - as you can see, I'm really objective and don't only bless lenses that relate to topics I love ;)

Lensmaster Kimmanleyort just created a wonderful page dedicated to Frank Sinatra's Concept Albums. Not only does Kim write about the topic but she also completed every album listed as she definitely loves the crooner with a passion and knows him very well. It's that kind of professional lens that I really enjoy to read - even while I don't usually appreciate a "shopping lens". This one is definitely a heavy one! 

"When the Moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, ..." Remember that fantastic song? Well, fantastic to me because I'm a proud Aquarius and I love the comedy musical Hair! Ever wondered what is the age of aquarius? Lensmaster a_Willow tells you everything about it in her Squidoo page Age of Aquarius. She also is a proud Aquarius, and we're a few lensmaster that were born with this sing. The best, of couse ;)

Lensmaster WordCustard is very prolific when it comes to Europe and more particularly the Alps. She loves mountains with a passion - as much as I hate them. Not because mountains are what they are but because in addition to my two left hands, I have to left legs and you can bet that whenever I would have to climb the mountains, I would never come back ) instead you would find that I fell in some hole or similar. WordCustard created some kind of map of the Alps Mountains (actually this is a page of a big series) and if you too like the wonderful decor of Swiss, Austrian, French and Italian Alps, you'll be happy to visit her page!

Are you a pet lover with preference for cats? Are you looking for information on how to take care of tabby cats? Then you are welcome to go to Addaptabilities' page. She put together a fantastic page on how to do this and also added a nice touch of humour! 

I'm fond of history and study the French one since I'm 10 years old. Yes, I spent a great part of my childhood learning the French history and never got bored! I've also browsed the history of other European countries - whether because French hegemony or for anothe reason and read a short book about King Ludwig II of Bavaria 20 years ago. But yesterday I came to this fantastic page on Squidoo, made by lensmaster DC64, King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The author did a great job with this page and added fantastic pictures to illustrate the story! If you too like History, I urge you to visit this page and bookmark it. You'll be glad you did!

I am also a wine amateur. I won't pretend I'm a conoisseur but I'm an amateur. And my favorite wines aren't the most expensive ones! I clearly state that one can drink a tasteful wine of a high quality without having to spend a fortune and I personally wouldn't dare to open a bottle of wine if I paid more than 25 euros! Lensmaster kimmanleyort created a nice page named Choosing a Pinot Noir and the kind of meal it would fit best. In this page you'll learn what type of wine is pinot noir and how to choose a good one.

My special guest star - for clearly demonstrated reasons on the page itself - is a page built by Macs. This page relates to things I never faced not only because I don't have such problem but also because I don't like in the USA. Since I don't master the subject, I can't talk through it but I was touched by the story and would like the entire world read it. So, go to Custody Relinquishment, and please, leave a comment to their author.

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Sunday's Most Favorite Lenses

Children's Valentine in somewhat questionable ...Image via Wikipedia

Are you like me... nostalgic after these cartoon classic favorites that you used to watch every Saturday? Whenever you do... have a look at 70's Cartoons:Saturday Morning Fun! produced by lensmaster Graple. It's beautifully done, highly attractive and you'll take a step into the 1970's with the most pleasure! A must see Squidoo page!

Valentine's Day is approaching and, while browsing the amazing collection of Squidoo pages, I ended up on a page created by lensmaster SusannaDuffy; this Famous Love Stories page is a gem for anyone who's looking for love related stuff! It will allow you to test your knowledge about the most popular love stories of the literature, legend as well as the true love stories of the history.

Still in the Valentine's vein, here's a lens created by lensmaster Susan52 and that lists the different ways to say I love you. "How To Say "I Love You" In Different Languages!" is a great resource for anyone who's looking for a very unusual personalized gift to make their Valentine: as an example, why not trying to write some kind of "100 reasons why i love you poem" with one of these quotes...

Another Valentines related Squidoo page that got blessed today was made by lensmaster WordCustard, our talking pear ;) In "Making Heart-Shaped Food for Someone You Love" she shows you how to make heart-shaped food for the one you love, and that would be great on your Valentine's Day table! From heart-shaped cookies to hear-shaped eggs or waffles, all you need to prepare a very creative Valentine's Day dinner or breakfast is just one-step away from this page you're reading now. So, have a look at these heart-shaped food, you won't regret you did.

Do you want to learn how to create a Squidoo page and become a popular Squidoo lensmaster? If so, go to Are You a Squidoo Nobody? How to Become a Squidoo Somebody in 6 Easy Lessons, it'll teach you what to do when Squidoo-ing and what not to do. The needed - essential - steps to take before starting building a Squidoo page, what we, Squidoo-ers, Giants, Angels, Mentors... are looking for when getting a critique to a lens, what we like and dislike... Well, all in all, if you're a Squidoo lensmaster wanna be, go visit this page!

If you're looking to do good to the future of manking as well as save some money, I urge you to get to 29 Tips to Go Green, you'll learn what to do to protect what you're going to leave to your children but also will protect your wallet. You won't probably earn millions of dollars or euros in a year but some cents here, a few dollars there can make you a great additional Christmas gift! So go now and get your 29 eco-friendly and money saving tips.


Over the past few days, some people built pages on Squidoo to help charity - particularly after the Haïti earthquake. Here are a few of them - along with one a private charity dedicated to children in Ghana.

What do you know about Chinese mythology? I personally know nothing... but learned something today while getting to The Eight Immortals; which is a page created by lensmaster BaiNiangZi about the legends of the eight immortals. The page is very well done and I definitely appreciated reading the story behind Chinese myths.

On the assumption that you're about to join Squidoo and share your knowledge, expertise or simply your own experiences in life, you might want to have a few tips on how to best optimize your lens for search engine traffic. SEO/Marketing Mentor created by our in-house SEO expert and mentor Spirituality will help you, promised! 

Here's a page I blessed earlier today because I definitely loved the pictures as well as the overall layout of the page. Ok, maybe "Yachting and Boating fans, visit Zygi Marina in Cyprus" is quite a bit of travel guide instead of being a personal story but for a second page, I think it's bless worthy and hope you're going to read it soon and discover the wonderful things you can do in Cyprus, this fantastic country really appreciated by retired Europeans these last years! Lensmaster zygi will for sure be grateful you leave a message in their guestbook!

Below are a few other lenses I blessed today. I wanted to share at least their title with you and hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did!

See you tomorrow for a new collection of blessworthy lenses!

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