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The Big Move from Squidoo to HubPages

Today is the 25th August 2014 and is supposed to be the day of the great big move from Squidoo to HubPages. At least it is what I have been told when I clicked on that big green button in my Squidoo account. 

Editing feature was canceled on the 23rd August and the transfer was supposed to begin today. I don't know if they are ready to start the process, in any way, I am ready for it and excited to see my lenses reach my new HubPages account.

During the past week I've seen a lot of people following me on both my native and new HubPages accounts. In the wide list of these, there are people I've never met... but I know that it makes them feel better to see "friendly" (although I'm not known for being friendly) faces on the other side of their new online life.

I have also seen a lot of people worrying about becoming Hubbers. Lots of them not knowing that HubPages and Squidoo are entirely different platforms with different customs. 

Differences between HubPages and Squidoo

No tier rank payout, no ad pool

The biggest difference between both sites is that Squidoo had tier rank payouts added to lensmasters' promotional efforts and sales made through their lenses. Many lensmasters relied on such tiers because they were unable to promote their lenses effectively. It is going to be a hard route for them on the new site as they are going to have to promote, through all kinds of means, their new Hubs.

Following Hubbers

There is a nice feature on HubPages that enables us to follow Hubbers. But this should be done carefully and we don't have to follow each and every Hubber out there: the best thing to do is following only Hubbers that we are interested in. 

Do I have something in common with Hubbers that write about tarot cards and fortune telling? Then I'm going to follow some of them. Not all of them because I'm not interested in all kinds of writings about the topic. Then there are those that don't have an extended knowledge and write more theory than practice, so I'm not sure they will be of any interest for me.

A downside of following too many Hubbers is that you can end up with hundreds of daily emails letting you know they published a new page. If you set your emails to a daily summary, you'll get all links in one email, though. This leaves room for you to check that out only once a day but in the end, are you going to actually pay a visit to each of the 100, 200 or more links? Not sure...

Then following everybody on HubPages is not recommended and even frown upon on there.

Focus on external traffic generation

I know that Squidoo favored internal interaction a lot and used to reward those that visited and liked other lensmasters' pages, but this is not the case on HubPages. This process is more fair than the one in use on Squidoo. 

Only people who generate traffic and sales earn money. So for those who were dependent of other's interaction it's going to be hard to live the same kind of online life on there.

All we have to do on HubPages is focusing on generating external traffic. It is the only way to earn money since internal interaction doesn't benefit anyone in terms of money.  

Also a recommendation: NEVER click on your pals' ads... 

How do we earn money on HubPages?

HubPages allows us to earn money in different ways. Here's the way I set up my own old account - I joined 6 years ago, deleted most of my Hubs after the Google slap, but kept three niches on there, though.

1. Amazon

I added my own Amazon affiliate ID to my HP account, this way I earn 4% up to 8% through the sales my Hubs generate on there. It's more like 4%, though...

2. Google Adsense

I added my Adsense ID to my HP account so that I can make money in the event someone clicks on and ad when visiting my Hubs. It is forbidden to ask for clicks, it is also forbidden to click on someone else's ads for the sake of earning money! Clicks should be natural. Gaming the Adsense program will have your account closed for good - Google rarely unlocks accounts. 

3. Affiliate programs like, Share a Sale and others

These are limited to 2 links/program/Hub. This means that you can add 2 links to your Hub, no more. However if you find related products on Share a Sale or another affiliate program, you can add up to 2 links to them too. With 2 CJ + 2 SaS + 2 Linkshare + 2 LinkSynergy, it provides you with 8 affiliate links in one Hub. But be cautious not spamming with your links. In all events, when you'll click on the publish button, the system will let you know if you added too many links.

4. HubPages ad program

This one I joined but didn't activate Amazon or eBay. It includes "ad impressions" and as an option Amazon and eBay. HP ad program earns me some dollars each and every month out of the Hubs I built. These are "ad impressions" that generate those monies. Actually I must activate eBay but always forget to do so... hm...

Activating Amazon through this feature will also directly enable you to get a higher commission rate. Instead of the 4% (and possibly more if you make lots of sales), you directly get 8% from HubPages since the organization is more likely to generate more sales than an individual.  

How does the payment process work?

The HubPages ad program pays you through Paypal - that is the reason for which you should add your Paypal email in your settings. 

If you do not opt for Amazon to be activated in their in-house program, then any sales will generate commissions directly in your own Amazon partner program account. 

Google Adsense is paid directly in your Adsense account. 

Well, that's if for today, I've some former lenses to rewrite and move to their new homes, see you soon :)

Posted by Holly Day a WAHM who is able to turn any day into a holiday.