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How Do I Keep Myself Motivated with Blogging

My tips to keep myself motivated with online affiliate marketing


First blog to profit from my brand new motivation!


As said in my latest post, I got my motivation back again.  I could get motivated with my online affiliate marketing business thanks to an online pal who posted something about a class on sale. After a bit of reflexion, I purchased the class and started working right away.

I was deliberately pushing myself in some kind of "get back to work trap" since all I was doing these past weeks was procrastinating, watching movies and series, and surely, certainly, absolutely, definitely - how awul - NOT touching my blogs. Hey, it's the end of year holiday season, all my blogs are related to this season and I didn't do anything!

So I spent $55 in this course (it's currently on sale) and have to say that I don't regret it. Once I was in, I couldn't jump out. Simple. The course is really well done and understandable - made by work at home women for work at home people, clear and simple vocabulary, which anybody can understand. There is nothing complicated in this course.

Actually, I readjusted my knowledge, adapted it to today's trends and search engines desires. I'm in the process of forgetting everything HP and other platforms with strict rules but that don't generate enough traffic worth talking about tried to force me to believe. And I'm glad: it seems to work.

What the Amazon Affiliate Masterclass did for me

Or more simply put: what did I do once I watched the Amazon Affiliate Masterclass videos and asked for help in their supportive groups. This program (and a bunch of others) are run by Pajama Affiliates Robin and Lesley.

1. Watching the many videos in the program

Oh Gosh! I've been watching movies and series for so long... Then I had to watch videos once again? Well in the end, this process was more valuable and less damaging for my brain: I slowly went from stupid series to interesting and educational videos.

And boy, you learn a lot - or I should say: you learn to forget a lot if you're are a former Squid or former Hubber or both! Especially if you're a blogger whose intent is to make money with affiliate programs.

2. Reading the masterclass video transcripts

After each video I read the related transcript. The video helps getting a quick idea, it also enables you to actually SEE things; the transcripts helps those newly learned things to stick to your brain cells.

So I've read every single word written after each of the videos and thought about what I've learned and what I had to forget. 

3. Head to the Pajama Affiliates groups

When I bought the Amazon Affiliate Masterclass, I was provided a membership to mastermind groups on Facebook. This led me to join both groups and find out that they are extremely supportive, creative, generous, and smart.

Joining the groups was the step which actually brought me to work again on my blogs. After all, one can always watch videos and read stuff without having to apply what we learned. In which case I would have been wasting $55. But I didn't: the masterclass just made me join the groups. It's something I did naturally - I wasn't pushed by anything but the desire to apply what I learned.

4. Check and see how the groups could help me

I must say that in the minute after I asked for joining, I was approved and welcomed with a specific thread. When I discovered what these groups are up to, I knew that I was in the right place. 

You have to know that there are several threads created specifically to encourage members - cheering threads (not self-bragging threads), daily accountable treads, promotional threads, and... bespoke threads that members can start when they need help.

I spent the first day reading the threads and, once again, twisting my brain cells to see if the things I read could apply to my sites/blogs.

5. Ask the Affiliate Pajama members for help for my sites


Second blog that is getting a major overhaul - see the changes?


As an example, my site is a site that is holidays related. However the topics were too broad and I couldn't focus on a type of posts only. Instead, that site featured informational articles - HP-like writings - which weren't adapted to affiliate marketing, with a mix of affiliate marketing oriented posts which differ so much from the informational ones that one or the other category looked strange.

But when you plan on earning money through affiliate links, you don't write articles that won't allow you to add a single affiliate ad, don't you?

I thus asked for help on how to make my sites more focused. And boy, the huge number of replies helped me a lot in making decision! Most suggestions met my very own conviction. 

That is when I sat down in front of my computer and logged into my blogs. And started working again. 

In my next post I will tell you what I did to my blogs.

See you soon :)

Posted by Holly Day a WAHM who is able to turn any day into a holiday.