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SubDomain Beta Test on Squidoo

Ah, now Squidoo is beta testing subdomains. Well, HubPages did it a few years ago and ended up in a total mess. Now Squidoo that didn't fall into all those Google update traps just took another step to directly and quickly fall from the mountain. They're testing subdomains. OMG !

While using subdomains could be a good thing, I think that a site with Squidoo's authority should have done this years ago in order for their new subdomain thing to not make lensmasters lose either their traffic and earnings.

Some lensmasters already saw the effects of this beta test on their lenses - traffic dropped and became next to nothing more particularly for those whose lenses got search engine traffic. The 301 redirect didn't seem to work properly and search engines couldn't redirect the traffic. 

However, after some time, I've read in the forums that some seem to recover their lost external visitors. Let's see what happens in the future. Luckily, I don't have any lens in beta test but I feel concerned as I'm pretty sure that sadly HQ, whatever the result of their tests, will implement these subdomains in the future.

New comers (it's not their fault) and boot lickers (it actually is their fault), as always, applause to those news - just head to HQ's blog and you'll see the number of compliments they get be it the silliest thing they come up with - I'm sure if tomorrow they announce you'll forfeit all your earnings until Squidoo recovers from Google's updates, they'll be there, writing HQ how much they love them and how good the idea is.

I'm not for this subdomain idea. First, if this is handled the way HubPages did, it's going to drive all our lenses in search engine's abysses. Then they won't let us choose our subdomain name: they're going to use our username as default and I DO NOT WANT my username used as subdomain as I joined Squidoo in the time I didn't work the same niche as I do now. So any lens I made these past year is going to not be related to my username, therefore to the subdomain my pages are going to be redirected to.

My posts might sound negative but I'm a lensmaster for more than 6 years and in these 6 years, I've seen so many things happening. As said in an earlier post: time will tell. So wait and see what happens in the future with those famous subdomains. I predict they'll end up in nowhere land, just like the former subdomains on Squidoo did in the past as, yes, we've got subdomains in the past... Remember the "" subdomain? No? Yes? Depends on how long you've been a lensmaster, of course ;)

I'd just say that it took some time for lensmasters to understand what was meant to be and that only a handful of lensmasters were successful with them (maybe 2 or 3 only). In addition, this subdomain brought myriads of "best of" lenses; and we've learned not long ago that "best" is a word that's not that welcome on Squidoo.

Will HQ listen to us ? As usual, I'd say no. Because they never listened to us. From day one we complained agains empty, junk, TOS violation lenses and they never listened, instead they required from us to only write positive posts and, in the end, closed the old SquidU forum ! Yes they did ! And they even got rid of this wealth of knowledge...

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